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    North - blowtorch about to be ignited

    This was supposed to be a year with top up players catapulting them into around a top 4 spot. Dead last and the players looked despondent or cooked. They are better than this. What has gone wrong? Media are about to go into overdrive and pot shotting all relenetelsy.
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    Fyfe, only runs one way - Paul Roos says teams are exploiting the match up

    Interesting discussion last night regarding On The Coach. Roos has come up that Fyfe only runs one way, every coach is definetely aware it and plan for it in their tactics. Thoughts and what does it mean for him regarding his reputation and output / responsibility as a Captain?
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    Revolutionising the Ruckman

    Exactly what I though in the last 2 x games. Obliterated the 2 x best Ruckmen in the Game.
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    Respect to Buckley

    Hated him as a player, FIGJAM and all that. But as a coach this year, full respect as a human being and how he conducts himself. Big respect and commiserations.