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  1. BigFatNorthFan

    Phantom Draft 2019 Phantom Draft - Josh Elliott

    Hi all, have posted my early top 30 on The Roar this morning. ————— The trade period is now officially in the rear-view mirror and the next big event on the calendar is the 2019 AFL Draft. The big night may be more than a month away, but it’s not too early to start wondering who will go...
  2. BigFatNorthFan

    New article: What I want to see in North Melbourne's next senior coach

    Hey BFers. Written a new piece today about our club and thought some of you might enjoy the read. Here's a link: (Mods, feel free to merge this with a more relevant topic if that's preferred.)
  3. BigFatNorthFan

    2018 Phantom Draft on The Roar (top 25)

    Howdy all, Have written an early top 25 phantom draft on The Roar and thought a few around here might enjoy reading it... have a click here if so. Pick 1 – Carlton Blues – Sam Walsh 183 cm, 74kg Carlton face a rather pleasant dilemma with pick 1 as they’ll look to choose between Walsh or his...
  4. BigFatNorthFan

    Strategy Loophole in live trading rules?

    Hey trade/draft fanatics, I think I have found a loophole in the new live trading rules that clubs will be able to exploit, thought you might be interested to hear about it. Have written about it here. Let me know what you think.
  5. BigFatNorthFan

    Strategy North to contend by 2020 - Articles & Discussion

    Hello all... have written my first North-centric piece of the year, looking at how the list rebuild could be completed in two year's time. Topics covered include: - Tarryn Thomas, Nick Blakey, Bailey Scott - Should F/S players also be academy eligible (no) - Should we get Tom Lynch - Will Shaun...
  6. BigFatNorthFan

    Josh Elliott 2017 Phantom Draft

    Hi all, I've taken a much, much, much too early stab at picking the top 20. Please do have a read and then immediately tell me how incredibly, incredibly wrong I am about everything :):mad::(:p:thumbsu:
  7. BigFatNorthFan

    List Mgmt. In defense of doing bugger all...

    Morning all. Have written some words about our trade period activity, or lack thereof. Thought some here might enjoy the read:
  8. BigFatNorthFan

    Ken, Kochie & Port Adelaide list review article

    Hey Power fans, I've written up a list review for you guys and it includes some talk about Ken Hinkley and David Koch as well. Fair warning: I'm a bit pessimistic, but if you disagree with my take you are very much invited to hurl abuse at me in the comments! :) You can read it here. Mods...
  9. BigFatNorthFan

    Dockers list management analysis article

    Hiya Dockers fans, I'm writing a series of list management analysis articles on The Roar and you guys are up today - thought there might be some here who'd enjoy reading it, or if not that, enjoy telling me how horribly wrong I am ;) Click here for it. Mods, please delete or move this post if...
  10. BigFatNorthFan

    NMFC coach/list management/trade/FA/draft analysis article

    Hiya all. I'm writing up a series of list management analysis articles on The Roar club-by-club, and today have talked about ours. I imagine there'd be a few who enjoyed reading it. Click here. Mods, please do trash or move this post if preferred :thumbsu:
  11. BigFatNorthFan

    Club-by-club list management analysis article series

    Hello fellow list management lovers. I've started writing a series of list management/free agency/trade period/draft analysis articles club-by-club over at The Roar, thought there might be some on this board who'd enjoy reading them (but mods, feel free to trash this topic if this kind of thing...
  12. BigFatNorthFan

    Opinion 'Comeback story'

    Howdy Dons fans, I wrote something today on how you all shouldn't really give a stuff if people complain about the 'comeback story'. You probably won't like all of what I have to say but you'll like at least some of it I wager! Best of luck this year. I'm tipping you guys to play finals...
  13. BigFatNorthFan

    Opinion Six common opinions about North Melbourne that are wrong

    Hullo all, On the cusp of the new season I have written up a North-related article I think a lot of you might enjoy. Give it a read :)