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  1. n1ck

    Melbourne’s rise proves improvement isn’t always linear

    "It’s a path that is seldom taken on the road to success. Melbourne’s dip in form in 2019 was one of the all-time great collapses."
  2. n1ck

    The guy who does the 'Team of the Century' paintings

    A brilliant read... love the 'easter eggs' he adds into the paintings! Mongrel punts, nude modelling and masterpieces: Team of the Century artist uncovered:
  3. n1ck

    Meet St Kilda’s unsung milestone man: Callum Wilkie

    Really loved putting some words together to pay tribute to our very own "most underrated player in the AFL" contender... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :arrowright:
  4. n1ck

    ‘Set the club back five or six years’: Ex-Blue's explosive claims about Mick Malthouse

    Former Blues midfielder Nick Graham has made explosive claims about former Carlton coach Mick Malthouse, questioning his motives about making the move to Ikon Park. Graham begun his Carlton career at the same time as Malthouse in 2013 and played 48 games for the club before being let go at the...
  5. n1ck

    Spud’s legacy is that it’s always Time 2 Talk, not just on Saturday night

    "With St Kilda set to honour Danny Frawley this weekend, the time has come for silent suffering to end." On Pixel 5 using mobile app
  6. n1ck

    Analysis AFL Player DNA

    This is pretty cool - just launched today.
  7. n1ck

    Analysis Premiership Roadmap: The Richmond Blueprint

    "From two Finals appearances in 30 years to two premierships in three seasons, this Tigers resurrection is complete, with their eyes now firmly on a 13th flag and establishing a bona fide AFL dynasty."
  8. n1ck

    18 clubs, 18 reasons for optimism

    "It’s a time of the year where players have apparently achieved never-before-seen fitness levels, and where clubs are refusing to put a ceiling on just how far your team can go. It’s that wonderfully clichéd, hopelessly optimistic time of the calendar, months out from when the cold reality of...
  9. n1ck

    NRL Where will NRL teams focus their attacks in 2020?

    "While defence ultimately wins premierships, it's the teams scoring points throughout the regular season that tend to find themselves in the Top 8."
  10. n1ck

    Unpluggered: 2019 St Kilda FC Season Review

    We were joined by LEIGH MONTAGNA and JARRYN GEARY, while we take a moment to reflect on the passing of our beloved Danny Frawley. On SM-N960F using mobile app
  11. n1ck

    Prediction Saints Brownlow Predictions

    Obviously Seb Ross took out Trevor Barker Medal #2 this week, the bookies still have Jack Billings favourite to lead our Brownlow count at $1.14 (implied 88% chance), with Ross at $5.00 (implied 20% chance), however an interesting one is Stats Insider's Brownlow Model has Jade Gresham at 34.4%...
  12. n1ck

    Stats Insider's Brownlow Medal Podcast

    "Can the Brownlow be busted? Can empirical data be used to get inside the minds of the umpires to predict who they were most likely to give votes to in Season 2019?"
  13. n1ck

    Analysis AFL Finals Predictions, Trends & Insights

    "While the opening week of the 2019 AFL Finals might not have made for edge-of-your-seat viewing, it did at least provide a clearer picture insofar as how this year’s premiership might pan out. Not since 2004 has there been three games with 40+ point blowouts, while the collective lack of close...
  14. n1ck

    Are you feeling positive or negative about the 2019 Finals?

    "Saturday’s loss to the Lions at the Gabba worked as a perfect embodiment of their season so far. They were terrific early, and, destined for a comfortable win, were reeled in and completely overrun by their northern counterparts in the latter stages."...
  15. n1ck

    NRL 6 clubs. 2 spots. Who will play NRL Finals?

    "Now that we're just a month out from the NRL Finals, it's time to revisit a few predictions and reassess some of the fringe contenders."
  16. n1ck

    Analysis Is it too little, too late?

    "At the conclusion of round six, the Bulldogs sat 14th on the ladder with just two wins, while having played one of the competition’s most gentle fixtures. Instead of building upon their 2016 fairytale masterpiece, the Dogs were now staring down the barrel of missing the AFL Finals for a third...
  17. n1ck

    Prediction A new premiership favourite?

    Full Stats Insider probabilities here
  18. n1ck

    Player Watch Tex Walker maybe hasn't had as bad a year as the narrative suggests...

    ... at least in terms of his goalkicking accuracy. Everyone talks about what a terrible year he's had. But has he really? 2018: 49 Total Shots (53% accuracy, +15% expected vs actual differential) 2019: 59 Total Shots (54% accuracy, +26% expected vs actual differential) As per Stats Insider's...
  19. n1ck

    Analysis Saints have 4th easiest run home...

    With 5 very winnable matches (if we play the kind of footy we played last weekend) and the club talking realistically about guys like Webster, Battle, Steven and Hannerbery seriously coming back into the lineup, could we actually push for a sneaky finals spot? Would you want to? Or would you...
  20. n1ck

    Unpluggered: A Saints Podcast

    "In the week following the removal of Alan Richardson as senior coach, three lifelong mates, die-hard Saints fans, decided to put their thoughts online in podcast format. "