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  1. tjpeg_44

    AFL Premiership Tournament (AFL Live 2003)

    AFL Tournament played on AFL Live 2003. Quarter Length is 5 Minutes. Tournament format is the same as the Rugby Sevens World Series.... 4 Pools of 4 Teams, play each other once. Top 2 teams advance to Premiership competition. Bottom 2 teams advance to the Cup competition. Seeding determined...
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    AFL Premiership Tournament (AFL Premiership 2007)

    16 team finals type tournament Tournament Schedule ROUND 1 Qualifying Final 1 - Geelong def by. Essendon @ AAMI Stadium (N) Qualifying Final 2 - St. Kilda def by. Carlton @ Subiaco Oval (N) Qualifying Final 3 - Western Bulldogs def. Brisbane Lions @ Etihad Stadium Qualifying Final 4 -...
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    PES 2008 - Victorian Football League

    ROUND 1
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    AFL 08 (Must Be Fake) This has to be fake, surely.
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    FIFA 08: Manager Mode - West Ham United

    I will be starting a Career in Manager Mode with West Ham United. I will be playing FIFA 08 on the Xbox 360. 5 Minute Halfs and now Professional Dificulty instead of Semi Pro
  6. tjpeg_44

    Fifa 08

    I heard that the Aus Release Date was th 27th of September. Can anyone confirm this?