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  1. Coinz

    Trades DT Finals Trades (Rounds 20-23)

    One trade left boys, i need to make it count, in a cash league final and i need help! Thoughts?
  2. Coinz

    Trades Round 17 Trades

    My team with only 3 trades left!!
  3. Coinz

    Discussion Round 2 Discussion

    i did the same, i feel sorry for the both of us [emoji26] On [device_name] using mobile app
  4. Coinz

    Discussion Round 2 Discussion

    oh bolix i havnt been on all day left the c on o'connor. i might be in the sht if o'connor plays this week On [device_name] using mobile app
  5. Coinz

    Leagues BigFooty RDT FC League comment thread

    So what teams are different from Div 1 and this league? Me for starters... thats massive ;)
  6. Coinz

    Position RDT 2018 Rookies

    Thoughts on Tom Cole? Haven't seen him mentioned much... Seems to be borderline best 22 now, moving ahead of Nelson for that general defender spot. With Yeo and Duggan likely to get more mid time and some solid pre-season form things are looking up for him.
  7. Coinz

    Analysis 2018 Best 22

    Whats the likelihood that Tom Cole holds his spot as best 22 this year?
  8. Coinz

    2018 Bigfooty Real Dream Team DIV 1

    Yep round one couldn't come fast enough! Team name: RO (last years team name was Coinz)
  9. Coinz

    Leagues Official 2018 Bigfooty leagues: 3 spots left in DIV 5

    I'm keen, final rank: 118
  10. Coinz

    Opposition Camp Q&A Thread

    A: wce - Lecras afl - Ablett aus - juliar gillard Q: same as above On SM-G930F using mobile app
  11. Coinz

    Opposition Camp Q&A Thread

    A: yes and yes if he doesnt miss more than 5 games. Output will be down slightly only because he has 2 new ninjas at his feat. 70 goalz, +1 on last year. Q: How many spoils will barrass average a game? On SM-G930F using mobile app
  12. Coinz

    Leagues BigFooty RDT FC League comment thread

    so how do you qualify for one of the 3 spots in 2018? On SM-G930F using mobile app
  13. Coinz

    Scores and rankings 2017 Rankings

    dropped out of the top 100 in the very last round which is dissapointing. Finished 118 overal On SM-G930F using mobile app
  14. Coinz

    Trades Round 18 Trades

    Josh Kelly or Dusty? edit: can also afford Gibbs but leaves me with no spare coin
  15. Coinz

    Trades Round 18 Trades

    whys Kelly named on the extended bench and not on the field? am i missing something?
  16. Coinz

    Discussion Round 17 Discussion Thread

    sloane, zorko, captained doch over titch. poor week, moved down 20 odd places to 72nd On SM-G930F using mobile app
  17. Coinz

    Discussion Rnd 17-23 2017 Captains Thread

    + 3 shit shit shit On SM-G930F using mobile app
  18. Coinz

    Trades Round 17 Trades

    Just a minor hiccup
  19. Coinz

    Trades Round 17 Trades

    On form Zorko On awesomeness Merrett
  20. Coinz

    Trades Round 17 Trades

    yep got a big bank roll from trading steward > witherden and parson > Darcy
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