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  1. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn 'Sleevo' Stephenson

    I was listening to triple M and did hear Carey call Stephenson a selfish footballer. It's hard to argue with Carey because he obviously understands the game. Stephenson has time on he's side and as he develops he's game further and the team gets better, I am sure he will improve this side of...
  2. Bugsy Malone

    List Mgmt. Josh Kelly to North II

    The same people who are against North picking up Kelly will be celebrating if we get him as a free agent. I don't think we will get him ( and not overly worried ) but I am starting to question why he wouldn't have signed up by now if he knows he is staying at GWS.
  3. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #30: Charlie Comben

    It's nice to know that we have a 20yo big key forward with this type of potential. North Melbourne may get the spoon this season but looking at the best player's each week and seeing player's such as Simpkin, Ldu, Zurharr and Thomas along with a key forward with Comben's potential on the...
  4. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #43: Aaron Hall

    I'm really happy with the season Aaron has produced this season. He's brother was really on the money when he told me about he's operation, and the great pre season he was having. I am looking forward to seeing him in a North jumper for hopefully the next four years and playing the same quality...
  5. Bugsy Malone

    Preview 2021 AFL National Draft - Please Read: GWS have Collingwood 1st pick

    If we finish last we pick Horne. I don't want to be watching Horne in a opposition jumper for the next 15 years.
  6. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #38: Tristan Xerri - signs until end 2022

    I agree with showing patience with Xerri, although I would like to see more at he's age. Xerri may turn into a solid workhorse and have a decent career, but premiership teams also need big blokes with massive talent like a Corey McKernan.
  7. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn 'Sleevo' Stephenson

    Funny that people we're calling for this bloke to be dropped. Stephenson is not a reserve footballer and never will be.
  8. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke - signs two year contract extension until end 2023

    It would have been understandable for this kid to give up on this season, but he's shown a tone of heart and showing everyone the player he will become.
  9. Bugsy Malone

    Coach NMFC Senior Coach - David Noble

    I have to admit to not seeing the game plan early doors but hard work and patience pays off in the long run. This team obviously still has a long way to go but the signs are very encouraging.
  10. Bugsy Malone

    Autopsy A sodding win in WA

    I am proud of the way this group of player's and the coaching staff have continued to improve and not give up. Even in a poor year it is important to supporters to get a taste of what the future has in store.... GO ROOS.
  11. Bugsy Malone

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    I haven't seen much of Weideman play football but a key forward at 23 you would expect he's best footy is in front of him.
  12. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #1: Jack Mahony

    I really like this bloke, and people who are writing him off at 19 are making me hope that he makes it even more ( skills and decision making will improve). Mahony may not turn into a star but I'm backing him into to be a solid 200 gamer and of all the young ones we have I hope he makes the...
  13. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #8: Bailey Scott - extends contract to end of 2022

    Bailey's old man had great fitness and ability to tagged guns such as Peter Matera out shut them out of the game. Bailey seems to have the same strengths as he's old man. I remember a game in the 90's at princess park Robert Scott keeping Matera Under 10 possies and Pagan using him in this role...
  14. Bugsy Malone

    Autopsy Autopsy vs Brisbane - Rd14, 2021

    A solid effort up against a top 4 team. Improvement is slowly improving week to week and the the young boy's have not stopped trying. The few leaders we have such as Cunners, Ziebell and Goldy have been awesome so far and need to finish strong to get the most out of this season, still a lot of...
  15. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #24: Tom Powell - oink oink - extends contract until end of 2024

    Looks pretty bloody solid. It's nice knowing we will have this kid for a very long time, looks to be a legitimate future gun of the game along with Thomas, Simpkin and Ldu. I wish I could fast forward 3 years because I'm an impatient bastard.
  16. Bugsy Malone

    Player Watch #10: Ben Cunnington - out for season/sidelined indefinitely after discovery & removal of a testicular tumour

    People were pretty quick to write this champion off last year. Cunners just has a natural ability to play this game, and it's a joy to watch him.
  17. Bugsy Malone

    FACT: Nathan Buckley was cursed forever by The Footy Gods after dogging his contract with us

    At At the end of the day it was Buckley's missed opportunity. Both were the ultimate professionals on the field and training track and no doubt the two of them would of had a great working relationship, possibly the best ever.
  18. Bugsy Malone

    FACT: Nathan Buckley was cursed forever by The Footy Gods after dogging his contract with us

    Middleweight going up against a heavyweight, similar to when Sheedy put Watson on Carey in 93.
  19. Bugsy Malone

    FACT: Nathan Buckley was cursed forever by The Footy Gods after dogging his contract with us

    Fair enough that North supporters enjoy bagging Buckley, but I would have loved to have seen him playing in our team in the 90's. Buckley kicking it down Carey's throat would have been a awesome site, and I'm sure it would have delivered another flag.