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  1. Ron

    RIP Diana Rigg

    Sad news just in that the fantastic actress Diana Rigg has passed away. Most people these days know her from her amazing performance as Olenna Tyrell in GOT, but i first fell in love with her when she played Tracy in On Her Majesty's Secret Service in what i believe was the toughest job acting...
  2. Ron

    Tiges are into a granny, which two teams now have the longest stretch without a GF.

    What an embarrassment these two teams are for this league. *Does not include teams created for tv rights
  3. Ron

    2015 Leon Davis Medal - Congratulations to Jack Darling of the West Coast Eagles

    Well done Jack, you have displayed true Leon Davis qualities today. Monumental stuff ups, devastating turnovers and a complete ineptitude anytime the ball is in your area. You have now joined Hayden Ballantyne as the second Western Australian to win the award in the last three years.
  4. Ron

    Trent Cotchin - Making a strong case for worst finals performer ever.

    Lets look at the finals record of this spud. 2013 - Captain of the only club who has ever lost a final to a team that finished 9th 2014 - Kicked against a six goal breeze in the first quarter and the game was over after 15 minutes 2015 - Just 3 kicks all day as his club lost three elimination...
  5. Ron

    Paddy McCartin makes me realise there is hope for anyone to be a #1 pick

    What a complete spud. Can't mark, can't kick. He makes Marc Murphy look like an inspired #1 pick.
  6. Ron

    Doing drugs turns you into spineless chokers.

    Stay in school kids, don't turn to drugs. The last thing you want is to become a pack of soft, spineless chokers like the druggies at Essendon.
  7. Ron

    HEY BUCKS....learn how to coach n00b

    Cause you have no friggin idea you spud Greeat player, terrible coach. Stop making dumb decisions, you have taken this team backwards at a rapid rate.
  8. Ron

    Where in Melbourne can i buy a large teddy bear

    Want to buy a large bear for a birthday present for my young niece. Searching on google hasn't given me anything definitive, so i was hoping someone on here would know. Want a decent size one, at least a metre tall or so. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers.
  9. Ron

    Marc Murphy......has he overtaken Kozi as the worst player in the AFL?

    The man is a dead set spud, completely useless. He is meant to be captain, but he should be worrying about keeping his place in the team because he is a spud. Hilarious to think the Blues wasted a #1 pick on a pea hearted muppet. Once upon a time he used to be an ok front runner, he would...
  10. Ron

    How is Malthouse working out for you Carlton?

    ******* lol Can't even defend what should be an insurmountable lead. Should have just gone with KB as a coach, he couldn't do any worse of a job.
  11. Ron

    Clanger king Cotchin says he will retire if the Tigers win a premiership

    Richmond captain Trent Cotchin says that if he were to win a premiership in the next few years at Richmond, he'd consider retirement, even if he was only in his mid 20's. lol, who the fu** he is kidding. Richmond will be lucky to win a final in his playing time, they have zero chance of a...
  12. Ron

    Marc Murphy - Softest, least inspiring captain in the history of the AFL

    The man is a soft useless front runner, has he ever defended anyone in his career? Only runs one way, soft, can't lift his team and continually goes missing when the pressure is on. Removing Judd as captain and replacing him with this fairy is one of the biggest reasons why Carlton have once...
  13. Ron

    Twelve months ago Carlton were the premiership favourites

    Now they are closer to a spoon than a flag. The change from Ratts to Micky, and from Judd to Murphy has sent them flying backwards at an alarming rate. Can't wait to see which soft front runner the Blues draft with their top 10 pick this year.
  14. Ron

    The pope is stepping down

    Yep that's correct, the pope has decided he has had enough and no longer wants to be the pope. I guess this means months and months of the Aussie media talking up George Pell's chances of being the next pope. Hopefully they don't elect a nazi next time around.
  15. Ron

    Ben Hudson, our new ruck coach (plus possible rookie pick)

    Happy to hear that we have got someone who was a really good ruckman as a ruck coach. Having Hudson teaching Witts and Grundy will be of an immense benefit to the both of them. Good idea to draft him as a rookie as well, if Jolly goes down Hudson could ruck for a game or two, making sure that...
  16. Ron

    Hawthorn - The loyalty club

    So just a couple of years after the Hawks delisted Travis Tuck after he was found guilty of taking drugs, the Hawks have delisted Michael Osborne. The Hawks said they would stand by Tuck, the son of a Hawthorn champion, and help him work through his issues. But the truth was they couldn't wait...
  17. Ron the man running Port Power

    Is that team serious? Getting Kochie to run your team. wow, no wonder players are running from that shithole as quick as they can.
  18. Ron

    Luke Hodge - Is he the least inspirational captain in the game?

    We all remember 2008. The underdogs led by the courageous Sam Mitchell overcame the odds to win an unlikely premiership. Then poor Sam was stabbed in the back by Luke Now the Hawks today go into the match as one of the shortest priced favourites for a while, led by Luke Hodge. But they...
  19. Ron

    Dangerfraud - worst finals performance ever

    Yet again Dangerfield shows what an overrated squib he is. That effort with a few minutes to go was just weak as piss. Just another overhyped spud pumped up by the Adelaide media, but in reality he is a second rate spud.
  20. Ron

    Imagine being 8-1 and missing the finals

    What a load of sh*t that team must be. Hey Bombers perhaps you can go and get a midfield ok, spuds like Howlett, Hocking, Colyer and Melksham are dead set VFL plodders. Also try not to waste your top 10 pick this year on another seagull like Heppell. Try and find someone who can kick and...