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    Analysis 2018 General Offseason Discussion

    Sad to say but dont see much improvement from the swans. Hawks on the other hand, add scully and wingard! Wouldnt suprise me if they win next year.
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    Autopsy Swans vs GWS Elimination Final

    Remember we had a likely brownlow medal winner in Mitchell and a premiership ruckman in Nankervis. Probably didnt shift players earlier enough to keep these guys.
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    Autopsy Rd 23 2018 Swans v Hawks

    Even with that kennedy missed a goal, hayward should have got one and jordan missed a mark he should have aa had a shocker. Put in buddy or parker and we win
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    Will Sydney ever be crap?

    Add melican, allir, dawson, ling, stoddart and more to come. Recruiting and development has been great.
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    Autopsy Round 8 2018 Hawthorn vs Sydney

    Clarko wrecks his own reputation by being such a sore loser. Pretty silly on mentioning the defensive blocks ie blue murder when his team is one of the worst. Hope the media calls him out on this.
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    Autopsy Round 8 2018 Hawthorn vs Sydney

    Clarko is funny...hawks are the best at blocking. Look at what they do whenever opposition take a mark. He plays great mind games to deflect attention.
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    List Mgmt. The 2017 Draft & Trade Hypotheticals Thread (cont. in Part II)

    Looking Nanks doing so well, did we keep the right ruckman! Similar to letting Biggs go when we needed running half backs
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    Roast The whats giving you the shits about the club thread- negatives only :P

    Watched the 2012 finals highlights and was great to see Goodes, Morton, Mal, LRT and an x-factor in Jetta. Hate it that our current team doesnt have anymore x factors that can turn a game except Buddy. We should get a Betts or Rioli type small, fast and tricky forward.
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    Yes, so the point is we lost it at selection table and with emergencies...
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    This is the bullshit of dermott.......if gary rohan playing sicily would have choked ie speed and marking
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    Everyone could tell Naismith needs a break for last couple of weeks....would have been good to play AA and sinclair today.
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    Dont play them against a young Hawks side....duh!
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    They were bombing because sinclair marking everything last week.....
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    Autopsy Swans vs Hawks (R19, 2017)

    Cant believe longmire picked Foote....AA or Dawson would at least made some sense with a better game plan.
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    Moved Thread VFL v NEAFL

    The swans neafl team would beat any vfl, wafl or sanfl team! Mainly because there are so many afl experienced players in the team. Name one state team that could play against tippet, sinclair, laider, AA, BJ, Marsh, Talia etc. Not sure whether the overall competition standard is better but...
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    List Mgmt. 2015 List Discussion (No rumours or hypotheticals please)

    The latest final series wasn't great for Jetta but if WCE look at what Jetta did in 2012 (assuming he can get back to that form) - he wil make a massive difference at wce. Masten was crap in the GF but add Jetta with shuey, gaff and Wellingham (with priddis, redden and nic in the centre ) that...
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    No Oppo Supporters 2016 General AFL Discussion Part 2 (Sydney Posters Only)

    Swans need to have Kennedy as the captain and possibly hanners as co-captain. Time for a change
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    Game Day The Big One. Hawthorn V West Coast Eagles Grand Final

    Sounds like someone leaked the game plan already....
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    Hacks to stars

    LRT from the swans: terrible hack to dual premiership player and could have won a norm smith as well.
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    List Mgmt. 2015 Draft, Trades and Retirements Thread Pt 1

    Like laidler and rampe :)