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    Footyology with Connolly & Finey

    I reckon Fox Footy or one of the free-to-airs should pick this show up. Low production values, but it's solid footy chat and the two of them work pretty well together. Certainly no worse than The Bounce!
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    Footyology with Connolly & Finey

    Thing l like about this show is it's decent footy discussion but doesn't take itself too seriously or try to make every little story sound like Watergate. Extra points to the boys this week for sneaking South Park into the episode!
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    Footyology with Connolly & Finey

    Enjoyed the interview with Barry Mitchell this week. Jeez RoCo needs a big off-season on the track, too!
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    Footyology with Connolly & Finey

    Not bad again today. Interview with Peter Jess was actually pretty interesting. Dropped the magic word a couple of times too!
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    Footyology with Connolly & Finey

    Had heard mixed reports about this show, but have watched the last three or four and reckon it's really starting to improve. Rounds Of Our Lives is great, and quite like the Rant-Off as well. Couple of good heads for radio, and low production values, but you can tell they actually love the game...
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    Last team to win a grand final without an Aboriginal player

    Sharrod Wellingham ring a bell?
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    Last team to win a grand final without an Aboriginal player

    Answer is mid-90s. Neither Carlton in '95 nor North Melbourne in '96 had indigenous grand final players. Every premiership team since has had at least one.
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    Tony Jones

    Yes. TJ didn't want the world to know that he was scabbing by breaking ranks with the striking journos at The Age. Unfortunately, in the process, he's been revealed as a liar as well. When The Age went out on the Thursday afternoon, TJ was rung by his editor, who told him the news. TJ said he...
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    Rita suspended from SEN!!!!!

    Sarbbo, you are so bloody stupid it's quite amusing. Unlike you, I don't just hang around internet forums like a starstruck groupie. I actually have worked with and know a lot of the people you spin your crap about. So frankly I don't give a flying fig whether you think I'm full of sh*t or not...
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    Rita suspended from SEN!!!!!

    Have been watching this thread with interest as someone who used to work in the media, is a fan of SEN's and Rita's. Regarding her "suspension", I asked someone who works there and it was definitely a stunt, and a good one, too. They got heaps of calls out of it. As if they would have played it...
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    The SEN Thread

    God, bad enough having to listen to Sam just the once! This is very cheap and nasty stuff. My mate who works at SEN reckons there's a bit of disquiet about it round the place.
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    Leadership group

    Think Clarke is a very intelligent and mature bloke, and from what I hear, very highly rated by his teammates as a leader. We have to assume these guys know what they're talking about when they appoint the group. They do practically live in each other's pockets.
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    Travis Johnstone A Lion

    A lot of the rumours going rouned about TJ are pretty unfair. I reckon he's still got plenty to offer. Why didn't Melbourne get rid of Brad Green? He's hasn't given them the sort of quality they're after consistently either.
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    Changing of the Guard?

    very good point. it is an incredible list. i suppose there's just a big generation of players who all had a pretty impact on footy going out at the same time. we're definitely heading into a new era.
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    We can handle the pressure, says Vandenberg

    Agreed. He looked gone for all money last week. Can't afford those sloppy skills against a side who will put just as much physical pressure on the ball carrier as Sydney did. I'd like to be confident, but I'm not. They're up, they know they're stronger than us, and they've won 8 out of their...
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    1970 grand final

    Still a classic after all these years. Lots of mistakes, but still fast and exciting. Jezza's goal to seal it is kicked from about the centre circle and just bounces through! By the way, if you get a chance have a look at another classic GF, 1967 between Richmond and Geelong. Might have been...
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    1999 SOO: Victoria V South Australia

    It was definitely five, just checked.
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    How do we counter the Sydney flood?

    By not getting sucked into playing the way they want, like last time. We have superior fitness and skills, use them. Swans are looking stale, I reckon, and ripe for the plucking!
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    Rating the journalists/media!

    talking about print only here... Martin Blake ... much underrated, knows his stuff Mike Sheahan ... cops heaps, but at least writes about the game, unlike some other chief football writers Rohan Connolly ... too much essendon, can be annoying, but writes good features and knows the game at...
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    TV Californication

    Pardon the ignorance, but am very keen to see episode one. can't find it one limewire, and just had a look at mininova, and can't work out how to use it? Can anyone help?