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  1. Milkshaker

    Player Watch Jaeger O'Meara 2021 (Rolling into year 5)

    The welcome to Hawthorn thread was closed because it was decided he (JOM) had 'made it' at the Hawks and the mega trade was justified. 5 years on how is it looking? The picks swaps went everywhere but below were the picks we had/acquired and who was available soon after or picked are...
  2. Milkshaker

    Competitions Get On Board! Bigfooty Hawks Supercoach Head to Head Leagues for 2021

    Hi Everyone, For those interested I am going to endeavour to get a Hawks Supercoach Head to Head Competition up and running again. Historically, we had about 7 head to head leagues which Spikers (not sure if she is on BF any longer) kept on a spreadsheet. I administered Bigfooty Hawks Div 1...
  3. Milkshaker

    Competitions 2020 Supercoach and Fantasy Football Questions in here! (Opposition Supporters Welcome)

    A new season is upon us. I have taken the liberty of doing a rookie update for Hawks fans and opposition posters so that posts asking about our players do not become littered through other threads. Some of the information in these rookie updates have been stolen from fine posters on our board...
  4. Milkshaker

    FREE KICK PREMIERSHIP LADDER (Geelongs Dynasty - Setting It Straight))

    For the #freekickhawthorn delusional followers and for extra lols at Cats fans. No I am not Bu**hurt or melllllting. Just bemused. I have decided to post this thread from the start of the Cats dynasty, of which there can be no question, as mighty it was, for flags as well as frees for (FF)...