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  1. The_Eagles

    Ben Simmons - if he had grown up playing footy

    I can envisage him being injured every couple of years and having a stop-start career, wouldn't be as good clearance player as Nic Nat but maybe even more mercurial tapper. Possibly couldn't hit the side of a barn considering his 3pt shooting.
  2. The_Eagles

    Has Lance Franklin surpassed Wayne Carey as the greatest key forward of the modern era?

    For me we are in a post-modern era When Clarkos cluster aka zones came, so 2008.
  3. The_Eagles

    Has Lance Franklin surpassed Wayne Carey as the greatest key forward of the modern era?

    Franklins 2008 is the best season I’ve ever seen. But then Carey has about 4 of the next. I would have Carey 1 and Franklin and Ablett snr 2/3 any order. The Kings ability to pack mark was always an outlet for the Roos, he’s like twice as good as the best in the game today Basically his marking...
  4. The_Eagles

    Minor things that annoy you about the game

    Yes it is, been around since the 1950s looking at google trends
  5. The_Eagles

    Define 'On-Baller' and 'KPP'

    Onballer - runs around in the midfield, aka midfielder, can still push forward or back 170-195cm Sub-categories: Inside - roam around packs and ruck stoppages, handball or quick kicks Outside - receive and kick or run and handball Tagger - defensive minded aka run-with Wing - take more bounces...
  6. The_Eagles

    Modern day players surpassing their club's traditionally thought of GOATs/Club legends

    No way Pav is up there with Carey Abletts Franklin whoever said that Pav is getting nostalgia and sentimental votes from the Fremantle faithful He’s on Brown Tredrea Riewoldt tier Fyfe has AA 2011 2013 2020 squad and should’ve really been in the team, to go with his 2014, 2015, 2019 and he was...
  7. The_Eagles

    Minor things that annoy you about the game

    Western should revert to Footscray Greater should be dropped from GWS
  8. The_Eagles

    How good was the footy show

    I liked, if not loved it up until about 2008/9 Sam was the cornerstone and he started losing his edge then. And then became borderline irrelevant old complaining guy
  9. The_Eagles

    Opinion Dockers sailing under the radar

    I reckon he's taking a backseat to prolong his career/blood the new midfield. He'll be around for years and if gets a flag will steamroll (like his play style) up the All Time ranks. Having a bad year in front of goal though. His 2011-2015 was some of the greatest footy seen IMO and also bobbed...
  10. The_Eagles

    The Buddy Franklin Countdown to 1000 thread

    Midfielders I'd go Martin Ablett Judd Voss Williams Dangerfield Fyfe Cyril is a standout Goldstein is not a contender Lance is the GOAT Western Australian
  11. The_Eagles

    Secondary Thinking about becoming a teacher

    Minister Ellery trotting out the 'a day lost of a childs education blah blah' is not grounded in reality, it's free time/movie/documentary city
  12. The_Eagles

    Radio The Sounding Board with Craig Hutchison & Damian Barrett (Podcast)

    I think the quality has dropped a bit this year but possibly to be expected Can’t believe it’s been 6 seasons They should just give their opinion more freely instead of proclaiming not to be experts on stuff, probably right that Craig is compromised. Damo is still too beholden to “the run sheet”...
  13. The_Eagles

    TV Big Brother 2021: Same old crap that meets the eye

    Krystal Forscutt 2006
  14. The_Eagles

    Your Favourite Non-Flag Season

    2004 for the Mighty Eagles. Judd entered his prime years, fast as a gazelle and strong as a bison. Cox emerged, Chad Fletcher looked like a champion (which would evaporate). Eagles won like 9 of last 11 and you could tell we were destined for top 2/4.
  15. The_Eagles

    The what ifs in footy

    I’d rather 2015 to stop Hawthorn moving to 5 AFL cups to WC 4
  16. The_Eagles

    The what ifs in footy

    What if Mayne hadn’t missed a sitter in 2015 prelim to put them well clear and Eagles played a Fyfe free Freo in the GF
  17. The_Eagles

    Which club has the biggest supporter base? Collingwood, Richmond or West Coast?

    Vic teams have more games in their city though. It’s rarer for Perth. But any way you slice it there’s 2.1 m in Perth for two teams and 5.3 m for Melb teams and Geelong
  18. The_Eagles

    Footyology podcast

    Really liked the footyology final siren, more riffing, answering pertinent footy questions, G Train and Cottees content. Dunno if regular or scheduled but it was good
  19. The_Eagles

    Opinion What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? - Part 2

    Dockers really need a flag, more and more eagles fans feel pity and want WA to do well If/when Dockers forge a dynasty and it’s suddenly 3 to 5 flags or something it will be pure fire
  20. The_Eagles

    Which club has the biggest supporter base? Collingwood, Richmond or West Coast?

    Eagles are the wealthiest, Collingwood are "bigger" or more box-office. Ratings, crowds, clicks etc. Sydney are the most lucrative/biggest potential.