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  1. The_Eagles

    Pavlich or Fyfe

    Matthew Pavlich 6 All Australians 6 Best and Fairests Captain Nathan Fyfe 3 All Australians 3 Best and Fairests 2 Brownlow 2 MVP Captain
  2. The_Eagles

    Nat Fyfe's kicking

    He has gone from flourbag merchant early in his career to one of the best this season?
  3. The_Eagles

    Best Centre Half Forward sans Wayne

    Who was the best to pull on an AFL jumper (including the 80s) Franklin and Ablett also excluded
  4. The_Eagles

    The Weekend Lowdown

    I assume this has replaced League Teams ? Dal Santo Montagna Mooney Dixon
  5. The_Eagles

    Who will win the MVP?

    Some reckon the Leigh Matthews Trophy is a good tiebreaker when judging players Usually can pinpoint who wins it halfway through 2010 Swan 2011 Judd 2012 Ablett 2013 Ablett 2014 Fyfe 2015 Fyfe 2016 Dangerfield
  6. The_Eagles

    The Game's Champions

    Champions of the Game Lance Franklin Gary Ablett Nick Riewoldt Sam Mitchell Luke Hodge Nat Fyfe Patrick Dangerfield Joel Selwood Scott Pendlebury Steve Johnson Jarryd Roughead Josh P Kennedy Cyril Rioli
  7. The_Eagles

    AFL 17 player ratings

    Lance Franklin 93 Patrick Dangerfield 92 Nat Fyfe 92 Cyril Rioli 91 Scott Pendlebury 91 Gary Ablett 91 Josh J Kennedy 90 Sam Mitchell 90 Alex Rance 90 Joel Selwood 90 Marcus Bontempelli 89 Josh P Kennedy 89 Jeremy McGovern 89 Luke Parker 88 Rory Sloane 88 Eddie Betts 88 Dustin Martin 87 Max Gawn...
  8. The_Eagles

    Fyfe to Hawthorn

    Word around town is he wants to play in flags, inspired by the Kevin Durant NBA move, and wants to build his F7 brand and become the face of the dynasty Who is 7 at Hawks ?
  9. The_Eagles


    Is this guaranteed to be Dennis Comettis last year ? I'm still not sure.. Anyone know if he'll bob up on radio or Perth TV games? Also, this can be another Dennis appreciation or criticism thread Nowhere near as professional as 88-2001, gasps, moans and guffaws from the back of the box a lot...
  10. The_Eagles

    Nat Fyfe - Free Agent

    Do you think Fyfe will stay at Freo after his contract ends October 2017, or will he leave like fellow superstars Judd, Ablett, Franklin in their mid 20s... I would like him to become a supervillain and cross to the Eagles, a prestigious VFL club with dynasty intentions
  11. The_Eagles

    House of Pain

    Time for the media to acknowledge that West Coast fans are the most intimidating and relentless crowd WA is the rogue state .. Got a different seceding vibe and the umpires love pleasing the crowd
  12. The_Eagles

    WA v VIC State of Origin 2016

    If Eagles win the flag I would wanna see this Johnson Rance Ibbotson Sheppard Taylor Yeo Hill A Swallow Masten LeCras Franklin Darling Walters Kennedy Ballantyne Naitanui Priddis Fyfe Sandilands P Cripps H Bennell McGovern My odds: Victoria $1.40 Western Australia $2.95
  13. The_Eagles

    AFL premiership cup ladder

    Hawthorn 4 Geelong 3 West Coast 3 Brisbane 3 Collingwood 2 Essendon 2 Sydney 2 North Melbourne 2 Adelaide 2 Carlton 1 Port Adelaide 1 St Kilda 0 Melbourne 0 Fremantle 0 Western 0 Richmond 0 Gold Coast 0 Greater Western 0
  14. The_Eagles

    Mitchell Hodge Lewis Burgoyne

    It's time that the media acknowledge these guys as all time VFL/AFL greats Better than Ablett Bartel Corey Johnson... Judd Cousins Kerr Embley... Voss Black Akermanis Lappin Sam Mitchell is the Zinedine Zidane of the AFL. Skilful, durable, classy, smart and the best centreman since Williams -...
  15. The_Eagles

    All Australian thread 2015

    Because it's fun Hooker Rance Spurr Hill McPharlin Boyd Gray Mundy Bontempelli Dangerfield Kennedy Cripps Breust Walker Pavlich Minson Fyfe Lewis Naitanui Burgoyne Heppell Kennedy
  16. The_Eagles

    Rank the Geelong 07-11 stars

    Ablett Selwood Scarlett Johnson Bartel Enright Hawkins Taylor Chapman Corey Kelly Ling Mackie Mooney Harley Stokes Egan Wojcinski etc
  17. The_Eagles

    Who are the AFL champions

    IMO Ablett Judd Franklin Riewoldt Pavlich Brown Pendlebury Swan Selwood Bartel Mitchell Johnson Hodge Goodes Cox
  18. The_Eagles

    All Australian thread 2014

    Round what, its fun anyway aint it Johnson Mackenzie Gibson Goddard McPharlin Suckling Burgoyne Pendlebury Watson LeCras N Riewoldt Breust Rioli Roughead Darling Sandilands Fyfe Ablett Mumford Barlow Shuey Wingard
  19. The_Eagles

    Will you revere Judd again when he retires

    He's our 2006 premiership captain. Reunions around the corner...already! Do you think he'll consider himself an Eagle still since he reached the top with us (and wont with Carlton). I know this thread been done lots but its been 7 years