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  1. Schulzenfest

    Game Day Congratulations to Hawthorn superstar Shaun 'Silk' Burgoyne on his 400th, oh and also apparently there's a football game on today

    Whenever Burgoyne isn't on screen, all the commentators should be asking "where's Burgoyne?"
  2. Schulzenfest

    Umpiring Umpires bottling it in front of home crowds

    First off, for the sake of trying to keep this thread on track rather than being accused of being a salty Port flog, I'll start by saying that the Crows played the best game they've played in years today and they did extremely well to have themselves in a position of being ahead of a previously...
  3. Schulzenfest

    Universal Love Happy Melt Day everyone!

    Although for now we lost the fight to wear the Prison Bars two weeks ago, this week we finally get to welcome back another long-missed Port Adelaide tradition - Melt Day. Share some of your favourite Melt Day memories below! John Butcher dropped for a fat Jarrad Redden who was so poor that he...
  4. Schulzenfest

    Game Day Port v the team that gave the Crows Darcy Fogarty for Charlie Cameron lol

    Had to check my calendar, 8:10 and no gameday thread?
  5. Schulzenfest

    Delisted Shane Savage [delisted] Does he find another club? I reckon there are plenty of clubs where he'd be a walk up start. Essendon and GWS come to mind after both having lost a couple of first 22 half backs this season.
  6. Schulzenfest

    Welcome Aliir Aliir

    Traded to Port for our 2021 second rounder
  7. Schulzenfest

    Game Day Preliminary Final: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

    fu** the AFL, this is the real Grand Final. The two best teams of the year playing in front of what will be the best and loudest atmosphere all year. Carn Ports.
  8. Schulzenfest

    Changes for Preliminary Final

    None. Lock thread please mods
  9. Schulzenfest

    Delisted Cameron McCarthy [delisted]

    Surprised there's not a thread about him already. Does somebody give him a contract? Something about him screams Essendon player to me. Cam himself seems to think Collingwood would suit him: Could be a...
  10. Schulzenfest

    List Mgmt. Jack Watts retires

  11. Schulzenfest

    Post here if your team has never won a VFL/AFL wooden spoon

    Oops, sorry. Should've just posted this on the Port board.
  12. Schulzenfest

    Changes for R16 v Norf

    Out: Bonner, Sutcliffe, Ebert In: Houston, Woodcock, Motlop Give Ebert a rest after the head knock. The other two aren't best 22 and did nothing this week to prove otherwise. Westhoff just keeping Ladhams' spot in the side warm for the week after.
  13. Schulzenfest

    MVP Votes Round 10 v Bulldogs

    5. Butters 4. Jonas 3. Ladhams 2. Gray 1. Dixon If I could give Butters more than 5 votes I would.
  14. Schulzenfest

    Competitions The 2019 Port Board Draft Game!

    Since Butters Made Me Do It doesn't want to do it this year. Rules: 2 points for player picked with our first pick 3 points for player picked with our second pick 4 points for player picked with our third pick 5 points for player drafted in the National Draft after our third pick (if any, which...
  15. Schulzenfest

    Help Amara Resort and Spa ad

    Hi Chief, Having issues with posting on the site today. Any thread which has an ad for 'Amara Resort & Spa' is causing the site to glitch as soon as I try to post anything. The browser just zooms in on the ad and I can't type anything. And a couple of times it's frozen the entire tab. Anything...
  16. Schulzenfest

    Delisted Sam Murray [delisted free agent]

    Free to play next season but cut by Collingwood today. A bit odd that they'd keep him throughout his suspension and delist him as soon as he was available to play again, but I guess Quaynor and Noble may have gone past him in the same role. Would anyone pick him up? He looked promising last...
  17. Schulzenfest

    Scape Goat Let's not take this out on Ryan Burton

    One thing that we need to keep in mind today. The idiocy of the muppets running this club is not Ryan Burton's fault. Ryan Burton is a very talented footballer. He has a lot to offer our club. Providing we don't decide to fu** him off in the future because he spends too much time on Pokémon Go...
  18. Schulzenfest

    Jack Watts

    Votes for Jack Watts will not be counted.
  19. Schulzenfest

    Delisted free agents

    DFA dates Wednesday November 1 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (1) begins Wednesday November 8 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes Friday November 10 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (2) begins Friday November 17, 5pm - NAB AFL delisted player free...
  20. Schulzenfest

    Roast Tom Jonas you ****ing idiot