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  1. Altum Volantes

    Toast Rob Wiley into the Hall of Fame

    Rob Wiley has been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame tonight - aside from an excellent career with Perth and later Richmond, he was of course an inaugural Eagle in 1987, runner in the early 90s and a long time assistant coach to Mick Malthouse and John Worsfold - anyone who followed the...
  2. Altum Volantes

    Up the Coasters Greatest Finishes in WCE History

    Bit of a feel-good thread for the bye round… In light of Josh Kennedy’s heroics against Richmond, it again occurred to me how fortunate we’ve been in recent years with amazing finishes/match winning goals that can be enjoyed again and again (and again and again). It certainly beats the sh*t out...
  3. Altum Volantes

    who was the worst player to win a brownlow medal?

    Nah, Priddis has Woewodin covered across his career. He did go runner up the year after winning it too...
  4. Altum Volantes

    Opinion The Best Eagles...Never

    Well it’s the off season, so what better time for a bit of reflection on the past. The Best Eagles....Never! that I mean those players that held a list spot at The Eagles, gained some small notoriety but never actually pulled on the jumper in a senior game. I have hand picked my top 5...
  5. Altum Volantes

    Opinion Mark of the Year 2020

    Couldn’t see a thread for this - final 3 announced yesterday. * Charlie Cameron leap vs Adelaide * Sam Walsh gutsy grab in oncoming traffic vs Port * Bobby Hill late season speccy vs Adelaide This year probably lacks an out and out favourite like Flyin’ Ryan in 2019, so it’ll be interesting to...
  6. Altum Volantes

    Resource History of Eagles to play for other AFL/VFL Teams

    I felt the urge to under take a little bit of research tonight, sparked by a conversation about who’s players the Eagles recruit most often. So below is a full break down of every Eagle to play a senior game for the club, that has also played AFL/VFL football for another club. The overall...
  7. Altum Volantes

    Rumour Woosha to Freo..

    Well it didn’t take long for the jungle drums to start beating about a possible role for John Worsfold at Fremantle in 2021. No suggestion he’ll take Longmuir’s job, just one of those ‘I’m not a senior coach anymore’ roles. Pro: If they become successful after he joins we can claim he fixed...
  8. Altum Volantes

    Toast Mick Malthouse into the HOF

    Our most successful coach, Mick Malthouse has been inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight. Mick had a long and varied career across a number of clubs but he became a coaching master at the Eagles and lead the club to it’s first 2 Flags. He absolutely played a major role in cementing our great...
  9. Altum Volantes

    The Morning After

    Take a moment today to savour one of the truly great sensations of winning a flag... That time between sleep and waking when you start to regain conciousness. Then it hits that yesterday wasn’t a dream - it ******* happened. All is well in the world for at least that moment. I can now...
  10. Altum Volantes

    Our All Time ‘Back 6’

    It’s the bye-week everyone wants...waiting to see who you’ve got in the Prelim week! what better time to look back fondly on past champs and compare the current crop etc. We’ve been blessed over the last 30+ seasons to have some of the best defenders in the comp...but who makes up our...
  11. Altum Volantes

    Will we ‘MCG it’ against Carlton?

    Cast your mind back 12 months, round 5 2017. We’d started the season well - 3-1 in fact. We’d fallen short against Richmond at the G in round 3, but weren’t awful (got to within 11 at the finish) and coming into Round 5, it looked like Hawthorn were ripe for the picking, coming off 2 shocking...
  12. Altum Volantes

    Club Song - New Lyrics

    ** Warning - Ultimate Post Draft/Pre-Season Thread - Discussed many times over my last 75 years on this website ** Did you know our official club song starts with ‘HEY EAGLES!’, repeated a grand total of 4 times? My goodness. Just awful. Let’s face it, in its current form, it’s a shocker...
  13. Altum Volantes

    Good Luck!

    I rarely venture into other teams boards but I feel compelled wish you all the very best for the big game! Adelaide is a club I've always had a load of respect for - so many great players, never far from the top end of the ladder and very much deserving of lifting another cup - it's been too...
  14. Altum Volantes

    Will we soon see somebody crack 'The Kickett' and play for 5 clubs?

    Dale Kickett was famously a 4 time reject before finding his niche in the league in silly Freo sides of the mid to late 90s - 20 years now since he clocked up club #5 after league footy stints with Fitzroy, West Coast, St Kilda and Essendon. Jon Giles is at club #4 (but didn't play senior footy...
  15. Altum Volantes

    Do Assistants need to coach in Vic to get a top job?

    Just a thought, with Sumich being over looked by WCE - the only recent coaching appointment I can think of that hasn't spent some time as an assistant in a Vic club would be Chris Scott. Discounting 'Job for the boys' appointments like Hird and Voss and 'in house' promotions like Longmire...
  16. Altum Volantes

    Will our conservative club be left behind?

    Looking to gauge opinion on this. With the introduction of Free Agency, I feel the landscape will change pretty quickly in the league. Players will move more freely and regularly and some clubs will be quite aggressive in chasing new players and turning over their playing list in search of...
  17. Altum Volantes

    The 'Good Guys' have won another one..

    So there you go, Sydney - formerly South Melbourne (when it suits..), have jagged another flag. So many 'great stories'... Brings back memories have how few arse kissing, 'heart warming', brave blah blah players we had in our 2006 team... Could that by why outside of our club, the 2006...
  18. Altum Volantes

    Who cares what 'random player' has just 'tweeted'?

    Anybody? Why is this part of the coverage?
  19. Altum Volantes

    Is Lenny Hayes a 'Modern Day Great'?

    Is Lenny Hayes a 'Modern-Day Great'? Read it in the Hun.. Really good player and obviously highly rated but have I missed something..?
  20. Altum Volantes

    Shocking Coaching Moves

    Obviously the theme of the night.. Got me thinking of a few from the past.. * Blight getting sacked half way through his first season at the Saints * Wayne Schimmelbusch sacked in the 1993 pre season after getting flogged in the Fosters Cup * John Northey leaving Richmond in 1995 Norm Smith...