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  1. Sweet Jesus

    Opinion Peak Judd was the best from any midfielder this century

    Chris Judd was inducted into the Hall of Fame this week. It got my wheels turning. WC are done for the year, after some disgraceful showings, and I'm consigned to bumping my long-running threads. It made me cast my mind back to Judd's days at WC. That stretch of footy he played from 2004 to...
  2. Sweet Jesus

    Analysis Who is the best key forward of the 2020s?

    Tom Hawkins is the clubhouse leader but must be approaching the end. Who will overtake him?
  3. Sweet Jesus

    Analysis Who are the 10 best players in the competition?

    Weighing 2021 output against runs on the board before that, what is the current top 10? You balance those criteria however you like but the question is not simply about 2021 form. As always, it'll be interesting to see how folks balance midfielders against KPPs/ruckmen. I have a sense of who...
  4. Sweet Jesus

    Podcast Tim Dillon

    Does anyone else listen to this guy? I don't even know if "funny" is the right word. His latest rant about Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka. And then the Parkland "reality show". I can't quite put my finger on what makes him so listenable. It's something about him saying supposedly unsayable things...
  5. Sweet Jesus

    List Mgmt. Who will finish bottom 4 in 2021 and what should be their immediate list management approach?

    Which teams will finish bottom four and what should they do at season's end? As it stands, North Melbourne are the runaway favourites to finish bottom, followed by Gold Coast, Essendon and Hawthorn. I'm not sure Essendon and Hawthorn are certainties at this stage - just quoting the odds. For...
  6. Sweet Jesus

    Player Watch Five best nicknames for current players

    These don't have to be nicknames in wide circulation. They may be nicknames related only to what you call certain players. Creativity/weirdness/stickiness/esoteric references are the only criteria. Don't darken my door with crap like Pendles or CP5. Here are my five current favourites, in no...
  7. Sweet Jesus

    Player Watch Off his tucker: who from your team has disappointed you so far this season?

    From WC, I would have said Andrew Gaff but he worked into it against Port. Who from your team has been off his tucker?
  8. Sweet Jesus

    Society/Culture Do you understand and accept the importance of neopronouns?

    Just in case you're wondering... Chief what is BigFooty's stance on neopronouns? Noun-self pronouns can refer to animals - so your pronouns can be "bun/bunself" and "kitten/kittenself". Others refer to fantasy...
  9. Sweet Jesus

    Recommitted Jackson Nelson [re-signed for 2022]

    Readymade excitement machine who can play HB and midfield. Loves to break tackles. Exquisite decision-making and foot skills. Could easily be the next Sharrod Wellingham. Will turn 26 in March 2022, presumably with 80-90 games under his belt. First-rounder please.
  10. Sweet Jesus

    Recommitted Oscar Allen [Re-signed to 2025]

    So who are the cheeky bastards sniffing round Oscar Allen?
  11. Sweet Jesus

    Analysis Rolling 22 under 22 side

    To be eligible for selection, players must be aged 22 or under for the entire season, including finals. So basically players have to be born after October 1998. Fire away. Who deserves a mention?
  12. Sweet Jesus

    TV OMG, have you guys heard about strikers?!

    Have you guys heard about this new position that's revolutionsed the game? Some of the gang on Fox Footy have decided there's a new position and they're called "strikers"! We should definitely all start talking about "strikers". Because there have never been midfielders who went forward and...
  13. Sweet Jesus

    Prediction Who definitely won't play finals in 2021? Who definitely will?

    Go early. Who will definitely make it? Who definitely won't? I reckon you can safely draw a line through at least half a dozen already.
  14. Sweet Jesus

    Analysis Blowtorch thread: what was the worst performance of the round?

    R1 the blowtorch came for Collingwood and Essendon. R2 it would have been Essendon again but it's probably GWS after they got done by the Dockers. Also the umpire who didn't pay the free kick against Blicavs. That was putrid. Made me question my faith.
  15. Sweet Jesus

    Who at your club could be AA for the first time in 2021?

    The question is self-explanatory. But I'll add a little two-parter. 1. Who from your club is most likely/best equipped to be AA for the first time in 2021? 2. Who among your established players would you love to be AA for the first time in 2021, purely because of the benefit it would deliver...
  16. Sweet Jesus

    The Asian politics thread

    Looks like there's a coup afoot in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi reaping what she sowed after providing a fig leaf of legitimacy to the the military. In her defence, I guess you could argue she simply never had the power to press them on anything.
  17. Sweet Jesus

    Donald Trump's impeachment 2.0: the Pizzagate Uprising

    The single article of impeachment goes to the Senate this week. And his trial is scheduled to begin the week of February 8 with the full Senate required to meet six days a week until the trial is complete. What will happen at the end of it?
  18. Sweet Jesus

    What happens if Joe Biden doesn't seek a second term in 2024?

    Joe Biden has been sworn-in as the 46th US president. He's already 78. Is he going to give it another shake in 2024? Seems like a stretch, surely? If not, VP Kamala Harris seems like the presumptive nominee. She'll have had an unmatched platform and will presumably count on the support of the...
  19. Sweet Jesus

    The Apprentice: 2024 Republican primaries

    Who will be the next Republican presidential candidate? Who will inherit the glorious legacy of Donald Trump? There will be many contenders. Only one winner. Must-see TV.
  20. Sweet Jesus

    Traded Shaun Higgins [traded to Geelong for pick #30]

    Any chance he goes to a contender for 2 years?