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  1. TY24

    Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Cockburn

    + JJ + Darling + Simmo with a coaching masterclass + Brander + Edwards had a few kicked on him but steadied in the second half, kid clearly has a future at the level + Kept the foot on the throat + Oscar the great swingman + Rotham is going to be a mainstay of this defence for a long time -...
  2. TY24

    Game Day Round 2 - The Footscray Midfielders Academy vs West Coast - Sunday March 28, 12:20PM @ Marvel Stadium

    2016 was the year of the "Cinderella Story" in global sport. The year of status quo's being challenged, and droughts being broken. First, who can forget the story of Leicester City. After spending most of the previous season fighting to escape Premier League relegation, they started the season...
  3. TY24

    Toast Will Schofield to Retire at Seasons End - Thankyou Schoey

    2018 Premiership defender Will Schofield has today announced he will retire from AFL football at the end of the 2020 season. Will has been a loyal servant of the club since being taken at pick 50 in the 2006 national draft. Debuting late in the 2007 season, Will would go on to play 194 games...
  4. TY24

    Game Day Round 8 - Inch Perfect Eagles vs. In the Goal Square Magpies - Sunday 27/7, 1:35pm @Optus Stadium

    Round 8 will feature a sight that many of us have never had the fortune to witness in our short time on this Earth. For the first time in living memory, Collingwood will: Play consecutive games away from the MCG Play consecutive games outside of Melbourne Play consecutive games outside of...
  5. TY24

    Game Day Round 4 - Kochie's Koch-heads vs. West Coast Fumblers - June 27, 11.45am @ Metricon Stadium

    Well, sh*t. That’s what most of us Eagles fans have been saying on loop since footy returned to burden grace our television sets once more. Since taking a huge L for the rest of the competition and relocating to Queensland - probably the worst state for us to play 4 consecutive away fixtures...
  6. TY24

    Toast The Positivity Thread - A Place to Share Feel Good Moments

    I think I speak for us all when I say the world is a really dark, gloomy place at the moment. Turning on the news delivers little but news of new restrictions about what freedoms we no longer have, updates about what every government except ours in the world is doing, and social media provides...
  7. TY24

    Opinion Footy was better with Channel 10's 5 minute warning

    I'm going to use a couple of examples particularly close to my own heart, the 2006 and 2018 West Coast premierships. For those who may not remember or weren't old enough to remember - Channel 10 used to change the traditional countdown clock seen on all modern AFL telecasts to a count-up clock...
  8. TY24

    List Mgmt. #11. Tim Kelly - Welcome to West Coast

    It took a bit longer and a bit more than we were hoping for, but 2019 All-Australian midfielder and back to back runner-up Carji Greeves Medalist Tim Kelly has today joined the club in a landmark trade from Geelong. The trade sees West Coast give up pick 14, 24, 33 (to Essendon) and our 2020...
  9. TY24

    Up the Coasters Melbourne Accomodation Recommendations

    So I’m considering heading over for the preliminary final IF we make it that far, I’ll be at work for the semi and GF (******* spewing) so they’re not options. I’ve never been to Melbourne by myself before, always been with my parents so they organised everything. I have no idea what the...
  10. TY24

    MVP Votes - Round 21 v. Adelaide

    5 - Darling 4 - Rioli 3 - Yeo 2 - Shuey 1 - Gaff HM: Waterman, Allen, Hickey 😉 Have at it campaigners.
  11. TY24

    Prediction The Run Home - Our last 5 fixtures before Sheptember

    Our final 5 has danger written all over it, plenty of the teams we're clashing with have conveniently hit a rich vein of form just in time to play us. We SHOULD realistically be winning most, if not all of these games. But, our own form has been harder to predict than Michael Christian's "MRO...
  12. TY24

    MVP Votes - Round 18 @ Melbourne (Traeger Park)

    5 - Sheed 4 - Darling 3 - Sheppard 2 - Gaff 1 - Watson HM: Willie, Jetta, Viney’s chin
  13. TY24

    Random Discussion Thread 142- Into The Wild

    Don't you mean WORLD CHAMPIONS?
  14. TY24

    MVP Votes Round 9 vs. Melbourne

    5 - Yeo, by such a long way 4 - Hurn 3- JK 2 - Sheed 1 - Shuey On iPhone using mobile app
  15. TY24

    Positives and Negatives @ St. Kilda

    Mods help I can’t delete this oops
  16. TY24

    MVP Votes Round 8 @ St. Kilda

    5. Sheed 4. Gaff 3. Cripps 2. Ryan 1. Hurn On iPhone using mobile app
  17. TY24

    MVP Votes Round 7 v. Gold Coast

    Christ. An acceptable first half followed by an insipid second half. Lucky to walk away with 4 points, against any other opponent we would’ve been torched. 5. Yeo 4. Shephard 3. Shuey 2. Gaff 1. Darling On iPad using mobile app
  18. TY24

    Review FOX Footy Grand Final Recap - ‘We’re Flying High’. Airs Wednesday March 20 @ 5.30pm WST

    Just saw an ad for it, looks like we’re finally getting our FOX Footy GF recap. On iPhone using mobile app
  19. TY24

    Discussion JLT Community Series 2019: Photos and Discussion

    Early days but the Carlton gear actually looks navy on the telecast. On iPhone using mobile app
  20. TY24

    Nostradamus Lives Colin Sylvia has allegedly passed away

    I'm seeing whispers on my social feeds that ex Demon and Docker Colin Sylvia has passed away today. People suggesting it was a motorcycle accident. If true, I offer my unreserved condolences to the Sylvia family, as well as the Melbourne and Fremantle football clubs.