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  1. Damo80

    3 reasons why we'll rebound in 2022

    Alright, there's been a lot of negativity around our flatlining season, but here's just 3 simple reasons why I feel we can rebound strongly next year: 1. A fit list. This first one is obvious. We're missing way too many games from our experienced upper end players currently. We can lament how...
  2. Damo80

    JR won't play again this year...?!

    Have heard his eye injury will see him miss the rest of the year. Hoping this isn't true, but anyone else heard this? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  3. Damo80

    What is the senior coach responsible for?

    Might seem a question with an obvious answer, yet seemingly week after week I am reading arguments that pretty much go like this: Poster A: Dimma has no idea/no plan B, isn't up to it, need to be sacked! Poster B: Dimma can't get out there and kick the ball for them/run for them/execute the...
  4. Damo80

    Looking to the future - capped interchange rotations

    Just a thought I had whilst listening to coverage of the weekend's game... The commentators (SEN) highlighted a few times the discrepancy in the use of interchange rotations. I think we passed the 80 mark before half time, or were on track. Next season, this will be our total allocation for an...
  5. Damo80

    Anyone feeling better about Rd1 about now?

    Ok, I'll preface this with two points: 1 - Yes, I know, the Pies beat us last week 2 - The Blues are clearly a lot more switched on tonight that they were just over 2 weeks ago, but.... Watching the Blues dismantle the Pies as I type, I hope it puts our loss into some sort of perspective. We...
  6. Damo80

    Is Miller to CHB a viable option?

    I know there are mixed views on him, and many would be glad to see him relegated to Coburg, but... I like Miller. He was below par last night, but I see glimpses of really smart simple footy from him, he's big, he has a mature body, he has good hands, and his one big weakness seems to be...
  7. Damo80

    Browne is our rucking future

    I thought it worth starting a post on this for those who missed the quote from the club during trade week. I was prompted partly from discussion throughout trade week, and again just now reading posters calling for Browne to be cut loose in the delisting thread. He's a real whipping boy...
  8. Damo80

    Mega Thread Draft Talk Part 1

    Just read through Knightmare's mock draft. A lot of pure speculation involved on his part, I know, but it raised the question for me, what type of player do we target with our first pick? He has us down for an outside mid at pick 12. Depending on the outcome of potential trades that have been...