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  1. FireKrakouer

    Elon Musk is rejected by Biden admin re carbon tax

    Imagine my shock! Biden agrees to the toothless, paper-only Paris Accord, but little else. All talk no action, anyone?
  2. FireKrakouer

    Society/Culture The value of virtue signalling - summed up in 1985

    Faith No More acknowledged the pointlessness of virtue signalling decades before millennials made a sport of it. ... well it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!
  3. FireKrakouer

    Society/Culture Netflix film "Cuties".

    Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie, and have no intention of doing so, so my thoughts are based on descriptions I have read. Cuties is a French film that has been criticised by many as being "softcore child porn". It allegedly features 11 year old girls "twerking", simulating masturbation...
  4. FireKrakouer

    Analysis How do we play 4 quarters instead of 1?

    G'day pies fans, Firstly I'll be upfront that, despite loving the pies for decades, I'm rather ignorant in terms of footy strategy. So please offer your own theories and don't hate on me if I'm way off track here. My feelings on our team often starting strong and then fading, including a...
  5. FireKrakouer

    Toast Chinese "Bridge of Magpies" Satellite

    Afternoon, sports fans! It is with great joy that I present to you a new potential Collingwood co-mascot: Chinese relay satellite "Queqiao", meaning "bridge of magpies". (the relevance here is tenuous at best, but bear with me, it's the off season) Many of you would be aware that China have...
  6. FireKrakouer

    The Motivation Thread

    Apologies if such a thread already exists, I did check the search function. I thought we should have a thread where we give each other suggestions and advice on gaining and maintaining motivation to exercise and/or eat well (along with any other healthy habits). I personally suffer from a...
  7. FireKrakouer

    Politics Is centrism the most sensible position to take politically?

    First of all, I acknowledge that the left/right axis is an oversimplification, and many do not fit neatly into either category. But a glance over social media will show you that many in political debates will cheer for every issue that their "side" is on, like a footy supporter. The axis is...
  8. FireKrakouer

    Society/Culture Gaming culture and the future

    "Ninja", popular streamer of the game Fortnite, reportedly earns $600k USD per month. There are now many pro gamers earning significantly more than the highest paid AFL players. Do we need to be concerned by the popularity of these role models...
  9. FireKrakouer

    Dicks out for Apu

    True to their rich history of being melty campaigners who ruin everything for everyone, the screeching SJW horde have set their sights on everyone's favourite convenience store clerk, Apu Nahassapeenapetilon...
  10. FireKrakouer

    Kiwi accents are the most repulsive: an objective analysis

    It's the off-season friends, time to tackle the real issues. No matter how attractive a woman is, if she opens her mouth and a kiwi accent pours out, every man within a 2km radius goes instantly flaccid. I'm attracted to Irish accents, personally. It's instantly associated with drunkenness...
  11. FireKrakouer

    Should Chief, he of unmatched wisdom be banned from bf?

    Unprecedented I know, but hear me out friends... should Chief, he of unmatched wisdom be banned from bf? I realise that he owns the site and all, but that doesn't necessitate him posting here and interfering with our affairs. Can't he just sit back and count his clickbait millions in contentment, leaving us to do our...
  12. FireKrakouer

    To put things in perspective

    Let's say hypothetically that we won today... we'd all be buzzing for a few hours. We'd buy the Herald Sun poster, and brag for a little while. But let's face it, after this weekend Australia doesn't give a sh*t about footy. I recall after 2010, posters were desperate to celebrate a week...
  13. FireKrakouer

    Are recreational drugs performance enhancing?

    Firstly, apologies if this thread has already been done recently, I used the search function and could only find discussion of this from back in 2007. Hearing the news of Ben Cousins and the recent leaked results from Collingwood has put the AFL's drug policy back on people's minds. It has been...
  14. FireKrakouer

    Analysis Sports Psychology

    I frequently hear our team being referred to as "mentally weak". So many on our list seem to play on confidence, then drop their head when something goes wrong. We have multiple forwards who miss shots on goal from less than 20m out. We have multiple defenders who hit up opposition players lace...
  15. FireKrakouer

    Toast Book of short stories I wrote

    Hi Pie fans! I have authored a small book of 3 short stories that each have an exciting ending. I have been told they're quite entertaining, would love to get some sales from my fellow Collingwood brethren, it only costs $0.99usd or I can email the pdf to people for free if they would like...