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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    im a little suprised with how close we are playing our cards to our chest. must be out of respect for our players and maybe more will happen after the seasons done. just odd that in all talk of key backs and rucks we are no where to be heard of (in the mainstream media)
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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    yep righto ill put me hand up for that one couldnt help myself on a tuesday morning
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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    If we were to forget the 2015 saga what are peoples opinions on talia? at 29 hes still got footy left in him, however with an injury tarnished 2021 and a dip in form in 2020 are people thinking hes cooked already? ive just got such strong memories of the gun player that he was and as a 2 - 3...
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    jj to be living in salems pocket
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade Targets

    As a dogs fan snooping, all ill say about lewis is that we are so slim on key backs as it is and yet he still cant hold down the spot for longer than 2 weeks at a time. has the athletic attributes but is soft as butter. He is being played out of position but its because he isnt trusted to play...
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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 4 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    I personally hope we wouldnt bark up that tree. Hes worth more than Id be willing to pay and his contract is too big
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    Preview Changes for the Prelim v Port Adelaide - Sat @7:40

    i can understand the frustration with what he served up on the weekend but I dont rate the way that youve gone about it, saying he needs to get his sh*t together and calling him sulky. Talk about his performance but going after him as a person is something youve gotta be careful about
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    Preview Changes for the Prelim v Port Adelaide - Sat @7:40

    has known mental health problems and has openly spoken about how that became a problem for him after he got injured this year. This isnt a great take by you at all
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    Autopsy Dogs into prelim - beat Brissy

    Another poster put it very well - im glad that we are starting to piss off opposition supporters. This free kick analysis is ridiculous, and the media wants any kind of narrative they can get. They had every oppurtunity to win the game but they didnt
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    my participation in this thread was an initial fire up on people complaining about the ruck situation as I feel like we did address it it just didnt go our way with injuries. But to continue this part of the converation, I definitly do agree that 2016 Boyd was a decent enough ruck, he wasnt too...
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    I will maintain that martin English provides more on pitch than Roughead Boyd did, its just the Martin is obviously cooked
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    fair point
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    I understand the sentiment but there was no obvious candidate at the time that we didnt go for. we were also too busy covering other holes in the list getting keath bruce and weightman too also pick up another ruck. and frankly, we got treloar with about 5 minutes to go on trade day and before...
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    Id hate to say that history speaks against you but we literally won a flag without a decent ruckman in that period
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    Autopsy Port overrun Dogs 66-64

    some people here are confused as to how we didnt get an A grade ruckman while also getting jamarra last year. we got martin but his body shat himself. the miserable melts here are embarissing people
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    Autopsy Insipid Dogs flogged by Hawks - Rd 22

    my biggest problem isnt with the ruck setup, its the choices we've been making. We brought lewis young in to play the role that everyone wants English to play, while leaving English to be the primary ruck. Lewis was then useless up forward so was sent back, leaving an even bigger chasm up...
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    Changes - Rd 23 vs Port

    In: Sweet, JUH, Gardener OUt: Young, Hannan, Cordy Happy to also see JJ go out for Scott. Essentially we have the personnel available but arent going to do sh*t if we dont bring the effort. Outside of the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter we were flat footed and not moving at all. Same one...
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    Prediction Changes Dogs V Bombers Round 21

    I find stringer and tippa getting off the leash to be a pretty threatening prospect. without wanting to speak down on hooker and wright, there have been better key forward pairings that our team defence has managed well. we do however get caught out by fast ball movement a lot which I think...
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    Pies/GWS pick trade

    Collingwoods 2020 offseason may well be the worst offseason we see in our lifetimes. This may be one of the worst trades ever, and the treloar trade will have to be up there too
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    Have we just witnessed the quickest rebuild in AFL history?

    The one closest to my heart was definitly the bulldogs 2014-2015. now I dont think we would call it the fastest because we had bottomed out already from our peak in 2010, however we were by all estimates f’ed post 2014 and the following year was an insane result for us