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  1. Punchy Bassett

    Jupiter's Legacy - Netflix

    Anyone else watching this? Interesting premise and I'm four episodes in interested to see where it goes.
  2. Punchy Bassett

    The recommendations thread.

    Mods delete if not appropriate but thought might be a good idea to have a thread where people can ask for recommendations/advice for our day to day lives. For example I'm looking for a good car mechanic in the South Plympton area.
  3. Punchy Bassett

    Gorgonites we won!!!!!!!!

    Old man movie reference!!!
  4. Punchy Bassett

    2021 Board Elections

    Options are up:
  5. Punchy Bassett

    Which inventive way will the AFL deny us pick 1?

    So we've got the spoon guaranteed now, which inventive reasoning will the AFL somehow make pick 1 disappear from us? Tanking?
  6. Punchy Bassett

    The 1%ers next cause, members voting rights.

    So the club finally caved into the pressure and did the external review which most of us have been pleasantly surprised at the results. The next thing we must focus on is attaining members voting rights for the board and chairman. Listening to Chapman today it's clear he will never leave of his...
  7. Punchy Bassett

    Pick the AFC buzzword of the week

    So after the pathetic capitulation to Carlton, the buzzword was "insulted" particularly when boys clubs were mentioned. What will be the buzzword this week? Maybe it'll be a phrase mathematically possible?
  8. Punchy Bassett

    Backwards ******* handball

    Yes we won by heaps but fu** me I'm sick of our natural reaction particularly down hbf to handball ******* backwards. Cost us a 100 point win tonight and it is so bloody telegraphed it isn't funny. Attacking handballs! Please!
  9. Punchy Bassett

    Papers stamped tonight, Jacobs, Douglas.

    If we are serious as a club, both play out the year in the SANFL and are given thanks for their service end of the year.
  10. Punchy Bassett

    Time to move Sauce on

    Offered nothing this year signs were there last year but we are too nice a club to do it.
  11. Punchy Bassett

    Mobile phone advice.

    Hello fellow Crowies, so I need to buy a new mobile phone my old Nexus 5 is on its last legs, been doing some research and I'm thinking of going the Nokia 8 as it isn't $1000 which I think is bloody ridiculous for a phone, comes with stock Android which I love about my Nexus and the reviews all...
  12. Punchy Bassett

    Nokia 8 - Anyone got one?

    Need to buy a new phone the old Nexus 5 is on its last legs and I patently object to spending over a grand for a phone, been reading up on the Nokia 8's and seeing mostly positive reviews particularly around the pure Android aspect. Has anyone in Big Footy world got one and how are you finding it?
  13. Punchy Bassett

    Are we the dumbest team from point kickouts?

    Seriously we have no idea, bomb it long to the right flank to our ruckman every time. Would it kill us to try something new? And this has been for years now!
  14. Punchy Bassett

    The Rory Laird better be AA before Jasper Pittard thread.

    Title sparks for itself but if Laird is not picked over that overrated spud I'll be spewing. Infinitely the better player. Even Frawley said today he is the best HBF in the business right now.
  15. Punchy Bassett

    Rd 10 - Cockwombling numbnut award.

    Can I start this early? Red bull F1 racing team. Seriously why do you hate us Aussies? [emoji35]
  16. Punchy Bassett

    Operation get Bassett must start now.

    So yet again out coached, yet again players showing they couldn't give a sh*t. Yet again favourites picked and failing again. Time to get a proven winner in as coach, its time for Nathan Bassett to come home.
  17. Punchy Bassett

    Time for the broom

    If Trigg and Chapman are still involved with this club in a weeks time might as well shut the doors
  18. Punchy Bassett

    So when do we start talking about the fitness staff.....

    Cause from what I saw today its clearly an issue....
  19. Punchy Bassett

    Andy Flower reportedly sacked.

    The Telegraph in the UK are reporting Flower is gone......
  20. Punchy Bassett

    Which Englishman have you enjoyed seeing fail the most?

    Mr Pop Collar Swann? Jimmy 'The Mouth' Anderson? The Ego? Or someone else?