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  1. W.C. Fry

    Derby ticket

    I have a ticket today i was going to use Block 340 behind the goals with all the other eagles supporters. Have been given a dockers members pass centre wing that I can't pass up. So have a spare ticket for whoever wants one. Cost was $62.50.
  2. W.C. Fry

    Training Open training Monday 1:30

    Public holiday, school holidays. Hope we get a good turnout to this. Taking the kids in for sure :)
  3. W.C. Fry

    Sub in first quarter, your gone?

    The sub rule was brought in to try and stop teams from being so disadvantaged from having an early injury. But does it really work? Round 1 Carlton lose Dale Thomas in first quarter. Lose game. Bombers lose David Myers in first quarter. Lose game. Eagles lose Mitch Brown in first quarter. Lose...
  4. W.C. Fry

    Roast Lamb

    It had to be done.
  5. W.C. Fry

    The West Is Ours

    Seems to be the slogan the club is running with this year. I like it. For a while our club has sat back and been too timid for my liking. Time to ruffle some feathers. But if they are doing this kind of branding off the field, we better hope we can back it up on the field... Being that it is...
  6. W.C. Fry

    GF in HD?

    Can't seem to find any info on this. TV guide atm shows 7Mate is broadcasting unmissable shows such as Demolition Day and Wild Justice. We just love the Footy.
  7. W.C. Fry

    Finishing your side - reserves?

    So now most people would be close to having a complete side. What are people's plans for the final run home? Will you be wanting to keep a decent D7, M9, R3, F7 for insurance? Or will you keep cashing those guys out and finish off upgrading those slightly less premos on the field to the most...
  8. W.C. Fry


    “Hearing the roar of the Bomber army, injecting sh*t into my stomach and seeing the sea of red and black in the stands helps the team and myself take our game to the next level,” Watson said. #boothecheats
  9. W.C. Fry

    Position Rucks

    Its been a fairly bad year so far for rucks. Only Cox is averaging over 90. Most Premo rucks of last year have already taken a huge hit to their pricetag. Mumford has dropped almost 90k already to bargain basement price of 340k. Mumford, Maric, Roughhead, Jacobs, Giles even Lobbe have almost...
  10. W.C. Fry

    Ports president is a bandwagoning flog

    Saw David Koch wearing a Sydney scarf in the crowd at the 06 grand final. Never liked Kochie since. Noone at 7 must like him either, was sitting up back of the Great Southern Stand. Saw him scurrying towards the exits as soon as the final siren rang. Must have been too much to watch his beloved...
  11. W.C. Fry

    Rate your trades

    Thought it would be interesting for people to look back and see how much you improved or how badly you screwed your side with the trades you made. Will be more interesting later on when trades really have an effect as the season wears on. Winner R2. Robinson > Kennedy - Robinson was knocked...
  12. W.C. Fry

    Derby tickets

    Just went on sale. Who got some? Got some in 332 which should be decent. Never really sat up there before - for a afternoon start we can expect to be staring into the sun? Prices always going up for tickets - $65 each. Can't wait. Evening/night derby - first one for a very very very long time.
  13. W.C. Fry

    Hey Geelong

    Its a celebration bitches! This Friday night we are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the greatest moment in our clubs history. Sumich kicked twice as many goals as your God. Matera burnt you from a wing. Jackovich (pictured above after spending many hours in the gym) was a rock in...
  14. W.C. Fry

    Derby tickets - ticketmaster broken??

    Quick question - is anyone else having problems with getting derby tickets online. On sale from 9am today for members and its saying they aren't on sale atm?? Getting frustrated!
  15. W.C. Fry

    You aint got jack

    FB Lynch --- Hombsch --- Crisp HB Grimes --- Hutchins --- Newnes C Trengove --- Steven --- Kieren HF Watts --- Darling --- Redpath FF Anthony --- Riewoldt --- Gunston R Fitzpatrick --- Redden --- Ziebell Not the worst side going round.
  16. W.C. Fry

    Dear Diary - My Perth trip

    It was all very exciting to be landing in Perth. Only a few days away from playing with BigCox and that cute dark fellow who got picked behind me. Wouldn't I love to have him behind me now?? Stop it Jackie, you know what the new coach says about such things. On to more serious matters...
  17. W.C. Fry

    Melbourne with another off-field coup

    Mumbles! Reject bin is getting pretty full at demon land. Chris Connolly, Cameron Schwab, Neil Craig. Not expecting a top 8 finish for another decade with these guys at the wheel.
  18. W.C. Fry

    Dyson Heppell being found out

    So we had to endure trolls from Essendon about Shueys game yesterday. Weak form from the mods to close the thread now that the Shue is on the other foot. Why wasn't it closed yesterday? Heppell has been hopeless. Hasn't hit a target, hasn't gone in for any contests and just slinks around...
  19. W.C. Fry

    Grand Final tickets by ballot

    Just read the letter the eagles have sent out to members announcing that gf tickets are all by ballot. 05 we had to line up outside subi after the prelim. It wasn't the best way of doing things. 06 we were able to phone up and book. First in first served. Seemed to work pretty well. Now...
  20. W.C. Fry

    AFL 2011 survey

    Just filled it out. Doesn't seem to ask as many questions about new rule changes this year, more aimed at getting feedback on the new ones this year. A countdown clock at the games is the main thing it looks like they want to bring in. I hope they get a terrible response to that idea...