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  1. Father Jack

    RIP Dean Jones

  2. Father Jack

    Bob Hawke Has Died

  3. Father Jack

    I would do anything for BitBeans

    And you would too, wouldn't you?
  4. Father Jack

    Cricket Articles

    I'm not sure a thread about this specific match would be worth it, so I decided to broaden it out just in case I again find an interesting article about cricket out there on the internets one day in the future. Anyway I enjoyed this article in The Guardian on England v South Africa, Headingly...
  5. Father Jack

    TV Game of Thrones - Massively Spoilered Book Thread (You Have Been Warned)

    So, how about that Red Wedding eh? What bastards those Freys are.
  6. Father Jack

    Society/Culture Agnosticism vs Atheism

    Ok, on the back of the recent overwhelming survey that paints SRP as nothing more than a bunch of godless heathens just waiting for an excuse to crack open the skulls of ordinary citizens in order to feast on the goo inside, I thought I might narrow the point a bit. If you are a 'no religion'...
  7. Father Jack

    Society/Culture Indian Call Centres - They Sure Have Our Number

    Once I had scrolled down and moved on past the death and destruction on the site, I found this intriguing headline: Hello you stupid, racist drunk. India calling What the Indian call centre staff are really told about Australians Anyways, it turns out that this searing piece...
  8. Father Jack

    How concussion destroyed an NFL star

    Just happened to read an article on UK newspaper The Guardian's website (in between all the Rupert shenanigans) about concussion in American football, and of course couldn't help but relate it back to the AFL and the new rules introduced here this season. It is about David Duerson, a dual...
  9. Father Jack

    The Icing on Our Worst Year Ever

    Seeing Judd win the Brownlow and Mick Malthouse hold up the Cup once again. Damn you footy gods, just ... damn you.
  10. Father Jack

    TV Sam's umpire bashing

    For the love of god, give it a rest! Populism at its worst, they're an easy target, just about everyone will agree and give you a bit of a cheer, and it helps nothing. As for the comment about women as central umpires, well, wtf :confused: If it happens lets judge it then. If you are going...
  11. Father Jack

    Is this a real article or some sort of blog?

    I found this listed under 'news' on Realfooty: I'd take issue with a couple of points and I don't really know what the point of the article is. Why does this sort of thing get published on...
  12. Father Jack

    Please kill the 'Umpires' board

    discussions about rules and umpiring are so integral to footy that I can't understand why they wouldn't be on the main board so that everyone can see them. I don't necessarily want to see umpire bashing or the like, but I honestly can't see the point of a seperate board for something so...
  13. Father Jack

    Are Aboriginals better off for European colonisation?

    Hello I have decided to start a thread due to an interesting discussion we have been having on the main board in regards to Australia Day (I have searched and I found no thread about this here, but it was a quick search). Should Aboriginals be gratefual for the benefits they enjoy today due to...
  14. Father Jack

    Looks like the website has been revamped

    At the moment though it mostly has 'coming soon' on the links, but at least it is starting to look like a footy website. Obviously just tuning up ahead of the Big Announcement. I expect they'll have membership details etc available after that. I, for one, am keeping a close eye on the...
  15. Father Jack

    So the soccer team wants to have a go at us now

    Haven't noticed another thread on this, but I honestly couldn't believe what I was reading today when I saw the following on the GC Bulletin website. Does this clown think that it is a good idea to try and put offside the sorts of people that his club should be attracting, ie the likes of me...
  16. Father Jack

    The Official 'Second Teamers' Thread

    I reckon that a lot of the inaugural GC membership will be made up of the likes of me, ie someone who has a club, has had a club for many, many years, and really has no intention of abandoning that club, but has also been involved with local footy on the GC for years and spent a lot of time on...
  17. Father Jack

    Gavin the Mascot explained.

    They really should have made this clear on Thursday night. It seems everyone thought that that the surfie dude was going to be the logo that adorns the official club letterhead etc. As for the 'no-name' thing, well I guess we will have to wait and see how it pans out...
  18. Father Jack

    Wanting live footy is "un-Australian", according to Ch.7,26576,24290204-19742,00.html TOMORROW'S Hawthorn-Bulldogs clash is at the centre of the second spat between the Seven Network and the pay-TV industry in a week. Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association chief executive Debra...
  19. Father Jack

    The identity (to be) revealed!

    according to the latest GC17 email-newsletter thingy: Breath is duly bated.
  20. Father Jack

    The winning numbers are 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15

    This should put the new club on a more solid footing than the poor old bears 20 years ago. All this plus the first pick in each round and a max of one uncontracted player from each club. Thank God our rebuild should be done by then...