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  1. blackcat

    I need twelve players for an "All International" team in the international events and tourneys like World's and Oly's

    NB. only international tourneys and Oly's count , so I need help to build the bench or displace these starters , there must be recent competition Argentineans Spanish and French to go with the Soviets and Yugoslavia of 40 years back , I only knew of two besides my favourite player of all time...
  2. blackcat

    4 Star General Wesley Clarke 7 wars in 5 years

    So, if we are to believe Clarke below, and I do, when everyone knows I am cautious to believe authority, 4 Star General Wesley Clarke gets in November 2001 from his former colleagues in the Pentagon the revelation that the higher-ups whoever they are, the elite Joint Chiefs one assumes, have...
  3. blackcat

    Society/Culture journalism and moral panics, in the time of DARPA and TBL

    so the 4th Estate no longer gets the Roger Corbett Fairfux[sic] (WoolworthsCEO/Fairfaxdirector/WalmartUSAdirector) riversofgold, nor is it actually subjected to that Waleed Aly Walkley speech of reader driven amplification from French media philosopher academic, it merely completed the inversion...
  4. blackcat

    NBA courtside - Jack & Spike Lee

    The courtside seats at NBA games for the major teams are now exceeding Spike Lee KNICKS and Jack Lakers for their PR potential&profile shotput field pole vault...
  5. blackcat


    MooreElliotGrimesCooneyRooke yaco55
  6. blackcat

    Cecilie Uttrep Ludwig

    this should be the promo for #AFL_W yaco55
  7. blackcat

    Footwork du Jour

    what is the correlation of Messi, Ronaldo, Kyrie Irving, Djokovic, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor that was rhetoric they all have the most sublime footwork. It is Rudolph Nureyev like. The the Sudanese stutter, Aliir Aliir. The most skilled footwork for a guy 6'5" and above. There is a Dutch...
  8. blackcat

    Julian Edelman drug ftw

    great football player. NFL have it right, just give em a rap over the knuckles and allow them to do what they do best
  9. blackcat

    Does Nikola Jokic play waterpolo on the parquet?

    Struck me that Nikola Jokic is not a point forward or point centre in the mould of Arvidas Sabonis the original nor Adams nor Bogut nor Kevin Love. He is from the Balkans and Central Europe where they have a strong waterpolo culture. That is him playing waterpolo on parquet i tell you. This...
  10. blackcat

    Damien Hirst; Lebron; GOAT; his cement is not dry; onanism; Monica Lewinsky

    Cris Carter: his cement is not dry yet #LindaTripp #DCKoreandrycleaners #KenStarr
  11. blackcat

    The IT support systems for TV cricket commentary

    does anyone know the statistics IT providers who gave GT9 all their backroom support in the Packer WSC days and since then? Invariably they were Brit firms Dunn & Bradstreet Olivetti Coopers & Lybrand Hewlett Packard (not sure on this <???>) Infosys (I dont think Ericsson ever lent their...
  12. blackcat

    Whately Superbowl SEN commentary promos

    anyone from Hutchie's CrocMedia handy here? Because personally, I am resentful at the sockpuppetry[sic] and promos from the mkting&propaganda services division of SEN. I just put on a wry grin, all it is for me is white-noise from Adam's crystal set and the wireless. The Superbowl promos about...
  13. blackcat


    ripped this from my Facebook food feed by ex-mandarin Tony Kevin who gets a script from (warning for TLDR): David McIlwain ( not a Facebook user) of latest evidence in the Skripal case, which remains the linchpin of so much ongoing British and US Russophobia - which, I am sad to say, has...
  14. blackcat

    A Defensive System. - what the commentors don't understand

    NB. warning: OP tl too long acronym pleonasm ______________________________________ IS THIS THE CHINK IN RICHMOND'S ARMOUR? Nic Negrepontis transcribing David King ... but David King and SEN(Radar Maher or...
  15. blackcat

    If I Was A Pro, I Would Dope; a blackcat story

    I think it is a sound rational decision to dope if one was a professional sportsman, like philososopher historian Thucydides said in his record on the Peloponnesian Wars, morality has no concern, it is power and might which makes right *reductive If we as the royal we have access to the Insider...
  16. blackcat

    so... just how dirty is Delly?

    I sort of stopped following ball around the turn of the century, about 2000. so, how dirty really is the man from Maryborough? Are the seppos whinging? I is Delly really tripping players and threatening their cruciate ligaments like the Man U cnut, was it Cole(???) that ran thru Colosimo's...
  17. blackcat

    Clinton interview by Sarah Ferguson on ABC 4 Corners

    this is the Reds Under The Bed scare trope that ABC is pushing... where is KissStephanie when you need her to be the popinjay for HRC #HRC #HormoneReplacementClinton #WeaponisingofInformation #WeaponisingofWikileaks #WeaponisingofWeaselWords #WeaselWordsWeaponising #alliterationz #Poe's_law
  18. blackcat

    Swedish Wildcats, Almodovar, Malkmus, blackcat and porm

    an eponymous feline thread and gr8 svenska porm, swedish wildcats ftw evo skilts DapperJong
  19. blackcat

    Michaelia Cash does I Jonathan in an airplane zebra gestalt

    Michaelia Cash does I Jonathan in an airplane zebra gestalt Im a little airplane nyow nyow i wanna bang a zebra now now, Im a little...