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  1. portly

    Doom Watch

    Apologies. Just got to watch the replay.
  2. portly

    Doom Watch

    I was, but based on Matthews becoming involved and hearing of changes at the top. Don't hear much down here in SA. Will look closer.
  3. portly

    Doom Watch

    I really sympathize with you guys. We are gradually coming out from five years of pain. Having been the recipient of some awful blowouts, it was nice to be on the opposite end for once. The worst part of our bad times was the injuries that came with them. At one stage we had none of our...
  4. portly

    Brisbane you are little Rippers...Simply the Best

    Well done Brisbane. Too good.
  5. portly

    Too good.

    Well done Brisbane. Much too good on the (day) when it really mattered.:( Please do the same to Collingwood! I have nothing against the Collingwood players or their coaches, but the look on Eddy's face on the big screen as he walked across the oval to congratulate his players was ...
  6. portly

    129 to 72

    Congratulations Brisbane - too good.
  7. portly

    Round 7 - Brisbane vs Port

    Fun post, but apparently no humour up north!