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  1. Morning_Fog

    Prediction Final 4 rounds

    Round 20 vs St Kilda in Adelaide Round 21 vs West Coast in Perth Round 22 vs Collingwood in Adelaide Round 23 vs Western Bulldogs in Ballarat (Mars Stadium) Does anyone see us winning all 4? No. Right now, I think we will go 0 and 4 and finish 11th or 12th and have a terrible second half of...
  2. Morning_Fog

    TV Big Mouth - Netflix

    Can you remember your hormone monster? Well according to the TV show Big Moth, everyone has a hormone monster who will help you navigate your way through puberty. Andrew and Nick are 12 year old boys and have just started their pathway through puberty. They are slowly are discovering the...
  3. Morning_Fog

    Opinion It’s time for Rob Chapman to fu** off

    It is a pity our club governance is not set up to allow a pathway for a high profiled person to stand up to Rob Chapman and demand a board challenge. The board I set up for him to stay however long he like and no one can do a thing about it. It would be amazing if this person could build a...
  4. Morning_Fog

    Analysis 2019 Midfield set up

    In the 2018 Draft Needs thread, Bicks was discussing the need to draft a few midfielders who had a different set of skills to what we have now. More speed and spread from the contest I think he was discussing and this would allow any future midfield to have a noticeable 'Point of Difference' to...