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  1. JezzHawk

    Sights and signs while driving Geelong

    While driving to Geelong to watch the might Hawks play against those feral mobs, I sometimes see some the following sights and signs.
  2. JezzHawk

    Can we please draft more right footers.

    Not sure how many left footers we have in the team, but sometimes I think we have too many. What I have noticed with left footers is their not good kickers for goal(Franklin is a freak sometimes) and suspect on their opposite foot. However, left footer are superb at hitting targets. Great...
  3. JezzHawk

    Lewis: I owe you Buddy,8033,22409088%255E19767,00.html Changa and Boyle owes one as well. Roughead owes Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Life great when you're a superstar.
  4. JezzHawk

    Magic tricks

    Learnt a new magic trick over the weekend and I will share it with you fellow Hawkers. It will come in handy during the holiday season when I assume there will be alot of family gatherings or perhaps even impress that girl you've been dating.;) 1) Firstly you need a deck of cards. 2) You...
  5. JezzHawk

    Hawks land in Launceston

    More training. Great to hear the new draftees are involved.
  6. JezzHawk

    Hawks pick up ecstatic Thorp A win-win scenerio for club and player. It's great to see the inclusion of Thorp into our squad.
  7. JezzHawk

    Hawks name second scholarship recipient

    Hawthorn FC has announced its second AFL Scholarship position has been accepted by 16 year old Sydney student William Sierakowski. Sierakowski currently plays for St Ignatius College (Riverview) in the local Sydney U/18 competition. General Manager Player Personnel and Strategy Chris Pelchen...