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  1. Lingua Ignota

    Media Dr. Ignota Presents: Linguanalysis (EOI Wanted)

    Hello citizens of sweet, the Doctor is IN. Think of me as Dolly Doctor with far less medical training. I will be conducting various studies on the individuals of this fine league over the course of my waning attention span. The first study will be looking at the 12 Sweetian Archetypes which is...
  2. Lingua Ignota

    Media Delayed Media Presents: What They Said About Your Club

    OK, so this one is a bit of a snapshot of the times. Towards the end of S30 (I think) I asked the 5 most important posters from each club to tell me what they thought about each of the other clubs in the league. Initially I set out to do something very different, but I couldn't have explained...
  3. Lingua Ignota

    Media Delayed Media presents: The Definitive Username Ranking

    Hello all. I've been sat on a bunch of half written and poorly thought out media dating back to when I joined in S28. I've decided to ship some of them out, whatever state they may be in. First up one from a season or two ago (can't remember) As a name changing enthusiast I can appreciate the...