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  1. Adelaide Hawk

    Birds of Prey

    Just taking a look at the DVD "Birds of Prey" that was released by the club in 1998, and what an excellent story it was. It took us up to the non-merger with Melbourne and into the 1998 season. I'm still annoyed no mention was made of Ian Dicker's contribution to the club in terms of our...
  2. Adelaide Hawk

    B&F Top 10 lists

    Sorry for this self indulgent thread, but does anyone out there know the top 10 place getters in Hawthorn's B&F (Peter Crimmins Medal) pre-2000?
  3. Adelaide Hawk

    Rumour Eddie Betts rumour

    There's a suggestion doing the rounds that Eddie Betts may be in hospital recovering from an appendix operation. I don't know it to be true. I saw him yesterday and seemed happy enough. Just thought I'd throw it in to see if anyone knows anything.
  4. Adelaide Hawk

    Please explain ........

    Forget the players or which team they play for ..... Why does Trent Cotchin get a fine for his incident, but Easton Wood cops a game? I'm not weighing up whether a player should get games or not, I'm just trying to understand why two incidents are almost identical, and they score different...
  5. Adelaide Hawk

    Welcome Hawthorn appoints Tracey Gaudry as its new CEO

    Hawthorn appoint CEO The Hawthorn Football Club is delighted to announce that Tracey Gaudry has been appointed as the club’s new Chief Executive Officer. Tracey Gaudry is a highly-accomplished leader whose executive and non-executive career spans national and international roles in sport...
  6. Adelaide Hawk

    Hawks by numbers

    In the Semi Final this year, Grant Birchall moved ahead of Al Martello as the person who’s played the most games for Hawthorn in the number 14 jumper. Below is a list of each number and the most games, goals, etc for each one from 1925 to 2016. Some players played their entire careers in the...
  7. Adelaide Hawk

    Grand Final Football Budget

    I've often considered that the SANFL have a certain allegiance towards W-WT Eagles, today I'm almost sure of it. I bought a copy of the Grand Final Football Budget and what do I see on the cover? A picture of Malcolm Blight wearing his warriors jumper, another picture of an Eagles player, not...
  8. Adelaide Hawk

    Hawthorn Finals Record

    Since winning our first final against Carlton in the 1957 1st Semi Final, Hawthorn have accumulated an impressive finals record, including the 13 premierships we all know so well. Yesterday's match against Western Bulldogs was our 82nd final, of which we have won 52 and lost 30. Played: 82...
  9. Adelaide Hawk

    From a proud "Band wagoner"

    As a Hawks supporter since 1968, I've grown a little tired of being called a band wagoner from opposition supporters, so I responded in another thread. I thought I'd place this response in our own board as well as some other Hawks may like to read it. This is in response to a Richmond...
  10. Adelaide Hawk

    A quiz question

    Here's a question for you Hawks fans. There are several obvious answers to this question, but let's see if anyone gets the answer I'm looking for: Albert Hyde Alec Albiston John Peck Peter Hudson Leigh Matthews Jason Dunstall What feat do all of these players share in common?
  11. Adelaide Hawk

    Umpires ... just get out of the way

    We are told time and again there is no excuse whatsoever for a player making contact with an umpire. Last week we saw umpires loitering around behind the Hawks banner knowing full well the players were running out on the ground. Puopolo sprints through the banner at full speed and collides with...
  12. Adelaide Hawk

    Jim Bartel

    Geelong champion Jimmy Bartel will miss at least two months of AFL football after scans revealed a torn medial ligament in a knee. Bartel, 31, will on Thursday go under the knife to repair the damage, the Cats said in a statement today. The Brownlow medallist suffered the tear in a collision...
  13. Adelaide Hawk

    Australia vs India - Third Test @ MCG - Dec 26-30 - Day 3

    Michael says, "On a pitch like this, a bowler's change of pace is important". Yes and no Michael, a bowler mixing up his pace is important on ALL wickets, not just the MCG.
  14. Adelaide Hawk

    AFL player Brad Hartman charged after leaving scene of car accident

    Footballers seem to have a lot of trouble with parked cars these days :)
  15. Adelaide Hawk

    Hawks Nest

    I posted here because I didn't want non-Hawthorn people reading this. As a long standing Hawks supporter, I hate to criticize the club in any way, but need to get something off my chest. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced dissatisfaction with services (or lack thereof) when it...
  16. Adelaide Hawk

    vale Ian Craig

    So sad to hear of the passing of a former Australian Test captain.
  17. Adelaide Hawk

    Australia need to learn the Asian tempo - Ponting All very true Ricky, but when we have created a situation in Australia where players are being chosen on their one-day performances, how can we ever expect it to change?
  18. Adelaide Hawk

    TV Who observes such things?

    Whoever spotted this has the greatest memory and power of observation EVER .....
  19. Adelaide Hawk

    Big 3 could control revamped ICC Not before time.
  20. Adelaide Hawk

    James Allan signs for Norwood

    The Norwood Football Club is pleased to announce that we have snared the prized signature of triple Magarey Medallist James Allan, who will play with the Redlegs in 2014. After failing to come to an agreement with his former SANFL club North Adelaide, Allan had been heavily linked with Glenelg...