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  1. Yatmax

    Music From Youi Advert (2020)

    Gday, Just wondering if anyone knows what the background music in this Youi ad is? Cheers
  2. Yatmax

    SAAFL/Adelaide Footy League Jumper History

    Gday, I will be working on a project to find the history of guernseys in the SAAFL/Adelaide Footy League and if anyone is interested in chipping in with any info it'd be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Yatmax

    AFL 2004 Mods Thread

    This thread will be for mods on AFL Live 2004. I have currently worked out pretty easily how to edit banners and audio files, but af the moment i’m trying to work out how to edit sponsors/kits etc.
  4. Yatmax


    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the music used on the 7 Network’s telecast of the cricket when showing the scorecard. Any advances to the name of the song would be much appreciated. Cheers,
  5. Yatmax

    What is your most hated ground that has been used for AFL?

    The title explains it. It can be current or can be past but has had to be used in the AFL not the VFL. My most hated would have to be Docklands. I don't like this ground because of the surface as well as having a roof. If Etihad didn't have a roof the surface would be better and would save...
  6. Yatmax

    Kardinia Park's 'High Walls'

    Hey everyone, this has bothered me for ages but why does KP have those high sponsorship boards at the Players Stand end (formerly Doug Wade Stand i'm pretty sure) ?? If anyone has info please let me know as it would be very helpful Thanks, Yatmax (this unusually tall beauty's)
  7. Yatmax

    Channel 7 Sports Theme

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of the music in this video is (see below). Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Yatmax

    SAAFL Guernsey Re-Build

    Hi, so on this thread (as some of these I don't like) i'm going to be changing every current S.A.A.F.L. guernsey to my design of what I think it should look like. Some I do like and most likely won't change them.
  9. Yatmax

    Seeking old Football TV Shows

    Does anyone remember the show back in late 90's to early 00's called Footy Plus? If you do, do you know if there are any videos of episodes on Youtube? Cheers, More Info:
  10. Yatmax

    Optus Oval Siren

    Hi all, Does anyone have a recording of the Optus Oval/Princes Park siren? If you can, please with no commentary. Thanks
  11. Yatmax

    Discussion Weirdest Sport Apparel You Own

    I'm wondering what is your weirdest piece of sport clothing you own?
  12. Yatmax

    Make a V8 Supercar paintjob

    The title explains it...... 2 rules: Only current V8 supercars e.g: Ford, Holden Current teams but you can have new sponsors Get Making!
  13. Yatmax

    Workshop New SANFL Jumpers

    Hi all, As you probably noticed in the title, this thread is about making new SANFL (South Australian National Football League) guernseys. This can also include logos or any SANFL related stuff that you can make new... If you don't know much about the SANFL, go here...