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  1. kickazz

    Wayne Campbell is right.

    Great article by Wayne Campbell: BigFooty, sports talk back, etc is full of people complaining about umpiring. Yes it's a hard game to umpire and they aren't perfect, but I...
  2. kickazz

    Fixing the contact below the knees rule once and for all.

    Seen a couple of bad examples this week of this rule Dear AFL, there is a simple fix. The person first to the ball, who naturally has slowed down or stopped to get the ball, is to be favoured in all circumstances. If a Johnny Come Lately slides in and takes out their legs, free kick against...
  3. kickazz

    John Winston Howard - what is his legacy?

    So 25 years ago today, John Howard was elected Prime Minister of Australia, and would go on to become the second longest serving in that position. For those old enough, what are your memories of him, and more importantly, what do you think his legacy is? The first half of the nineties saw...
  4. kickazz

    Fixture may not come out until January or February The justification is so that the AFL can give everyone more certainty - I suppose that's a plausible reason. Thing is, I wonder if most clubs will still be expecting people to renew memberships...
  5. kickazz

    The Law Public gatherings of more than two people are banned.

    Let that one sink in. Yes, COVID19 had given us a lot to process in a short amount of time. And I'm all for pretty strict measures to contain this thing early and buy time to ramp up our medical capability. But of all the crazy headlines we've seen, this is the one, had we six months ago been...
  6. kickazz

    How safe are our bank deposits?

    So apparently some banks, starting with HSBC, began changing their terms and conditions on deposit accounts last year: Now I don't know if this guy is a crackpot or on the money or somewhere in between, but some of it is interesting. It seems banks are positioning themselves so they can, in...
  7. kickazz

    Jack Reiwoldt diving.

    1 week, double to 2 fir GF?
  8. kickazz

    2019 Ashes XI

    Well I think we've seen enough to start thinking about what would make up the best XI from this series. Subject to change, I have this as my side: 1. Burns 2. Root 3. Labuschagne 4. Smith 5. Stokes 6. Head 7. Bairstow 8. Cummins 9. Lyon 10. Broad 11. Hazlewood Pretty satisfied with the...
  9. kickazz

    Society/Culture Aged "care"

    4 corners have just finished broadcasting part 2 of "Who Cares?", a crowd sourced documentary on failings in the aged care sector: (If you are tl,dw; at least check out from 37 minute mark in episode Two) Scott Morrison has also announced intentions...
  10. kickazz

    First quarters in finals.

    Deserves its own thread until we damn well get good at them. Or even dare i say slightly below average at them. Why does it happen so often?
  11. kickazz

    Showdown score review

    Ok can someone fill me in on the details? As in what the reviewers said in their deliberation? The goal umpire wanted to check if it hit the post. The video as shown in the AFL app is not clear if it did hit the post. But it's obvious that it passed in front of it for a behind. Surely the...
  12. kickazz

    Gboard suggestions bar - odd behaviour

    So I am glide typing using the Google Keyboard on a Pixel 2. Glide typing usually picks the word you intend, but sometimes it does not. On such occasions you select the word you want from the suggestions bar, and this replaces the word you just glide typed. For some reason on BigFooty, instead...
  13. kickazz

    Society & Culture Melbourne comedy festival.

    Ok so I haven't been in years and thought it would be good to start a thread where folks can recommend good comedians to see. You tubes welcome. I'm a highbrow or extremely lowbrow comedy kind of guy. None of that safe stuff in between. No mainstream lame sh*t like Pickering or Hughes. Have...
  14. kickazz


    BeanCoin will never truly be able to have the "sky as it's limit" whilst it remains clearly under centralised control by a tyrannical cohort of mods. As soon as any of us start to have any real fun with it, no doubt they'll stick their grubby hands in and interfere. Hop on the campaignercoin...
  15. kickazz

    Society/Culture Climbing Uluru to be banned in 2019. The traditional owners have been opposed to people climbing this for some time. I climbed it many years ago as a kid, probably in the last days of it being more popularly known as Ayres Rock. I don't...
  16. kickazz

    Coles voucher phishing

    It's happened about 5 times in the last week or so. I don't click on anything, and a full page "ad" replaces my bigfooty browser tab asking if i want to win a Coles gift card. Yeah right. Back button usually doesn't take me back to big footy after a few presses. Only happens on big footy...
  17. kickazz

    Moved Thread 2017 Week 1 Finals umpires. Have your preemptive sook here

    Crows vs Giants: Dalgleish, Rosebury, Ryan Cats vs Tigers: Stevic, Nicholls, McInerney Swans vs Bombers: Hosking, Chamberlain, Meredith Port vs Eagles: Donlon, Deboy, Schmitt. Congrats to all who made the cut.
  18. kickazz

    Alleged criminals and Facebook sharing.

    Any legal scholars able to answer this one? I'm starting to see a trend of posts on Facebook that essentially take this form: Photo of someone posted. Accompanying text saying they did such and such a crime (usually sexual assault of some kind, but not always). No "allegedly", or anything like...
  19. kickazz

    Third man up in the ruck.

    It's purpose and benefit was questionable, and two rounds in and it's stupidity is being exposed: Farcical 'third man up' rule needs tweaking - Like every other rule, this is how i imagine what goes through...
  20. kickazz

    Fine Cotton

    The infamous story of the Fine Cotton scandal will be familiar to most on this board. I only ever had a superficial understanding of the event, the story as told in this ABC Radio episode of "Conversations" is a great listen if you have the time. Even for those not into horse racing it's a...