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  1. Ichabod Noodle

    Autopsy The Season That Was

    I’m still pulling my thoughts together but…. The Good: The Bad: The Ugly: The Beautiful: The Surprising: The Other Categories I can’t think of at the moment: The Other Comments: Have at it….
  2. Ichabod Noodle

    Injury The 2020 Injury thread discussion

  3. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast Possible 2021 milestones

    I know... it’s early... but I had a bit of time on my hands... So here are some milestones that might (in some cases should) be hit in the next season (with the possibility of 6 new Life Members) Career Games milestones: 200 Shane Mumford (192) needs 8 Matt De Boer (187) needs 13 150 Toby...
  4. Ichabod Noodle

    MVP The Sheedy

    On tomorrow night - being live-streamed Predictions? Discussion... I think there’s three in it. Jezza Haynes Taranto Nobody has won it twice (Jez could be the first) Coach’s award? NEAFL player? Academy Player? Other awards?
  5. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast Our Team Song

    How absolutely awesome is this
  6. Ichabod Noodle

    Recommitted Tim Taranto [re-signed until 2022]

    Aaaaaaand.... Signed again - for another two - taking him out to 2022
  7. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast Samuel J. Reid

    We all know the story - 4 years at the Dogs for 10 games - thrown in at the last minute, even though we already had Cal Ward, as an extra uncontracted player, and 14 winless games in two years with the basket-case us. A role as a development coach and captain of the NEAFL side for two years...
  8. Ichabod Noodle

    Analysis Goal Kicking

    Our goal kicking lately has been.... hmmm.... not so good? So who are our best in front of the big sticks and how do they actually compare? Who do you want to be kicking after the siren for the win? In whose hand do you not want it? establishing some benchmarks... The greats Lockett 1360 goals...
  9. Ichabod Noodle

    Sliding Doors

    What if?.... It’s an interesting question; philosophical, practical, hypothetical; and never to be answered definitively (and therefore perfect for a thread) What if... 2013, when we had the first two picks in the draft and could read the names in whatever order we wished... the names...
  10. Ichabod Noodle

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson

    Too soon?
  11. Ichabod Noodle

    Unofficial Preview Finals

    ok, we can probably stop using the Geelong preview thread for finals discussion and start with this one. Here's how it works... So Adelaide away in week one and probably Port at home in week 2 (much better than the swans I reckon) then away to Geelong in the third week (hopefully at the MCG...
  12. Ichabod Noodle

    Preview GWS vs The Bye

    Out: Nil In: Nil And if they play like last week, they'll lose again. Discuss....
  13. Ichabod Noodle

    Music The Music Thread

    We have a tv thread, a movies thread so here is the music thread..... What's the last couple of albums you bought? (do you still buy albums?) What are you listening to at the moment? Who was the last band/artist you saw live?
  14. Ichabod Noodle

    2nds The WSU Giants 2017 NEAFL thread

    Season kicks off in the curtain raiser at Spotless from 12:55 on Saturday. GIANTS B: Jake Stein Aidan Corr Connor Owen-Auburn HB: Harry Perryman Tim Mohr Harry Himmelberg C: Zach Sproule Bailey McParland Billy Robertson HF: Lachlan Tiziani Matt Flynn Max Beaumont F: Ben Jamieson Nathan Coxall...
  15. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast Milestones (possible/probable) in 2017

    in our sixth season it seems that there will be more milestones than ever to be celebrated by our players, so this thread will count them down. 100 Games: Tobes - on 98 - needs 2 ✅ Philthy - on 97 - needs 3 ✅ Dev - on 93 - needs 7 ✅ Jezza - on 93 - needs 7 ✅ Dyl - on 87 - needs 13✅ Cogs - on...
  16. Ichabod Noodle

    News Multicultural Round: The Marquee Game

    great move. Indigenous Round headlined by Dreamtime at the G - always Richmond v Essendon. Anzac always Collingwood v Essendon. Now the focus and marquee game in the Multicultural Round will be ours, along with the associated festival. Multicultural Round at Home in Western Sydney GIANTS Media...
  17. Ichabod Noodle

    Women's Footy Player votes - round 1 vs Crows

    5: Dal Pos: lead the tackle count, top three for disposals. Liked her game 4: Collier: My girl, showed poise in tight places 3: Lawton: got better and better throughout the game. 2: Barr: can see why she went no.1 1: Bibby: was really surprised and pleased with her transition from basketball...
  18. Ichabod Noodle

    AFLW #14 - Maddy Collier

    SELECTION: Priority Player Selection STATE: NSW CLUB: UNSW-ES Stingrays At just 21, Maddy Collier made history as the first NSW/ACT player to be selected for the GIANTS’ women’s team. Originally from Nowra, Collier burst onto the local football scene when she won the AFL Sydney Women’s Premier...
  19. Ichabod Noodle

    AFLW #31 - Codie Briggs

    SELECTION: Free Agency STATE: NSW CLUB: Newtown Breakaways Codie Briggs is originally from Victoria and comes from a large Indigenous family. Her uncle is the highly decorated West Coast Eagles champion and Indigenous leader David Wirrpanda. Briggs is a pastry chef by trade and lives in Quakers...
  20. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast Welcome to GWS Zach Sproule

    Love it when we get a good kid from the academy. Be welcome Zach and all the very best of luck