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  1. Tandy

    Media This Is Your Life: SFA Edition

    As my first SFA media piece I would like to announce I have signed a 3 year deal with a local media production company to host the SFA edition of the popular TV program This is Your Life. Former hosts include Mike Willesee, Mike Munro and most recently in a failed attempt, Eddie McGuire...
  2. Tandy

    Play Nice Sam Murray Under ASADA Investigation

    Via AFL. com On [device_name] using mobile app MOD NOTICE - Stick to the topic re Sam Murray, trolling and slurs against other players/clubs will be dealt with harshly
  3. Tandy

    Essendon poach Richmond footy boss Dan Richardson

    From the Herald Suns Mick Warner
  4. Tandy

    Prediction 2018 Membership Tally - 60,000