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  1. Horizons_00

    Roast Our medical team / Injury prevention and conditioning staff

    It’s been spoken about for years, but our injuries and conditioning staff have been woeful for nearly a decade now and it’s only getting worse. It can’t come down to bad luck anymore. I understand that injuries happen, but there are so many recurring injuries. I’ve read that we did cheap out...
  2. Horizons_00

    North - flawed contenders Don't like the roast on Taz but the dissection of our "putrid" defence is quite confronting I still think the horrible 3rd quarter against the pies was 99.9% mindset rather than lack of ability though
  3. Horizons_00

    News Denis Pagan says "toughen up"

    I couldn't agree more with this article any more. How many more ex players, coaches and media people will come out and expose us. Unfortunately, it will not change until there is a change (coach, assistants) as the soft culture of this club is entrenched within the players and our club...