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  1. willoblue

    Purple Pride

    What jumper will we wear if we make the GF again? The AFL want one team to wear white shorts & it seems that the lower placed team wears the white during finals. Given that if we make it, we will probably face either Sydney, Hawthorn or Geelong, & they all finished the H&A above us, will we be...
  2. willoblue

    superstitions above and beyond :)

    Hi, this is a shout out to those supporters who have gone above & beyond the call of duty for the team. I'd like to nominate my son who took to using my wife's hairdryer to dry my recently washed purple boxer shorts which I wear on game days. I washed on Saturday morning & they were still damp...
  3. willoblue

    Jon Brown tribute

    J Brown is the second best Brisbane player in history (after S Black of course) & the 2nd best captain after Voss. he may never play again & he is arguably (I will agree) the best CHF since Carey, as much as I love Pav. Pav is greater over every other position. :thumbsu: I'd hope the Pattersons'...
  4. willoblue

    Ross' Greatest Team He Has Coached

    No, I don't mean Freo. I mean if he made up a team made up from players he coached at St Kilda & Freo. Here's a start B Goddard Dawson Baker HB Johnson McPharlin Fisher C Harvey Mundy Montagna HF Riewoldt Pavlich Walters F Milne Gehrig? Ballantyne R Sandilands Hayes Fyfe IC...
  5. willoblue

    for the maths teachers

    here is a cut & pasted worksheet on linear equations that I gave to my year 9 class. the best score wins a chocolate bar. if there is a tie, I'll use my roulette wheel on my iphone to get the winner. Year 9 Term 1 Extension Lesson – Footy 1. A goal is worth 6 points and a behind is worth 1...
  6. willoblue

    Is the sidestep dying?

    I love a good sidestep on field. Watching Lenny Hayes & others get around one or two players to find time & space for themself is a thing of beauty, but has the new high pressure game sentenced the sidestep to extinction? If a player gets around another he no longer finds space, but instead by...
  7. willoblue

    NAB commentary

    I reckon the NAB challenge commentary should be approached differently to the regular AFL season commentary (on tv) I'd prefer less editorialisation and more focus on the player names. At the very least, every time a player does something significant on the field (a possession or a tackle etc.)...
  8. willoblue

    Which retired player would you "resurrect"?

    I just watched a 2006 game & despite finishing top 4, we had some players who hmmmmmmmmmm how do I put it?, would struggle to make the 2014 wc midfield. yet, we did so well. It got me to thinking about which players from 2006 (who aren't playing now) would make our current team & I reckon Bell...
  9. willoblue

    2013 is ending

    Thanks for a great year BF folk. Wish you all the best for 2014 & may our beloved Freo Dockers go one step further in 2014. Bye to my BF buddy Pater Faulks. I wish you well, mate. Anyway, all have a safe night & catch you in 2014 regards, willoblue
  10. willoblue

    Willoblue's 2013 Phanton Draft revised as at Nov 1

    Howdy folks. Here is how I went about making my "Boyd plus needs" based draft. a) I looked at posts from BF about what each team wanted. Initially it was from the thread on drafts & trading, but for those without representation there I went to club forums for a look. b) I used the...
  11. willoblue

    Official Draft Order, 2013

    Anybody care to post this? would certainly help the Phantom drafters. Mods, probably could get this going with a better OP. :thumbsu: FINAL DRAFT ORDER Round ONE 1. GWS 2. GWS (received from Melbourne as part of trade for Dom Tyson) 3. St Kilda 4. Western Bulldogs 5. Gold Coast 6...
  12. willoblue

    Who courted whom?

    Hi folks, I'm sure it is usually the team which is receiving the player who begins the process by inquiring about the player, but I reckon it may happen the other way around at times. What about player swaps? Does anybody know who began the process for any of the current trades or...
  13. willoblue

    Autopsy 2013 GF Autopsy

    we lost. what can we do to win next time?
  14. willoblue

    Thinking of the players who won't make the team

    I just wanted to thank the whole squad for what they have done, and have a thought for the players who won't play on Saturday. Guys like Kepler, Ibbo, Griff, Clanger, Mora & the youngsters. (they are all young compared to me) Hang in there fellas & hopefully they get a chance to take us to glory...
  15. willoblue

    talk like a pirate day

    Howdy folks, I just want to give you all something to distract from that delicious stress that we feel (wouldn't be bottom 14 for quids, hey), but 2day is talk like a pirate day. so here's a joke 4 u all. why are pirates called pirates? because theu arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :p GO FREOOOOOO!
  16. willoblue

    desperate need of money

    Hi folks, sorry to bother you & Mods, please move this if it is in the wrong spot. I have hit a financial speedbump & need some cash ASAP. I have a 2007 Freo jumper, fully signed, beautifully framed and authenticated by the AFL that I need to sell. I bought it (in a drunken state) at a...
  17. willoblue

    the crowd

    How many times have we heard visiting teams trying to "take the crowd out of it"? it seems as if they want 2 get on top early to take us out of the contest. OK, what if: we get louder when we are doing badly? I don't mean booing like another team, but by building our support when the team needs...
  18. willoblue

    extend the "dukes"

    I reckon at least 3 or 4 times in the first 2 quarters against the Eastern Bulldogs I was calling for our players to extend their arms as they went to mark instead of trying to take it on the chest. Each time they were spoiled by their opponent. Did anybody else notice this?
  19. willoblue

    It's Crichton

    Enough is enough with all of the creative spellings of Jesse's name. Yes, I remember where it came from, but to deliberately err in spelling his name for this long, now that the joke is stale, is insulting to Jesse & his family. No, he isn't my buddy, but yes I do like him as a player and think...
  20. willoblue

    Junior club wanted

    Hi. Sorry to intrude. We have moved to the corner of Spencer & Collins from WA & love it, but I have a 12 year d son desperate to play footy in Melbourne. I have looked for a club, but I have not had much luck. If anybody could help us out your club could get a good junior player & a dad who is...