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  1. Luuuc

    WNBL 2020/21 Season

    Announced previously - Season schedule: Announced today - Start of Free Agency: and ... no imports this season: --
  2. Luuuc

    Random Discussion Thread 143- Sports, Music, TV and Train Talk

    But ... how will you know what products you want to buy? How will you know who to vote for at the next election??
  3. Luuuc

    Resource 80s Nostalgia: How to Play WAFL

    "How to Play the R&I WAFL" is a series that ran in the weekend papers in the earlyish 80s. I've scanned my clippings so everyone can enjoy some 80s WAFL nostalgia + quality illustrations while learning all the skills. No.1: Robert Wiley
  4. Luuuc

    NBL 2019/20 Season - Congratulations to the Perth Wildcats

    With moves already happening and free agency just over a week away, I guess this is a good time to get the new thread underway? Significant news so far: Adelaide - Moved to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre Brisbane - Re-signed Lemanis for 3 years Illawarra - Matt Flinn signed as head coach...