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  1. bok_party

    RIP Prince, The Artist Formerly Known As

    Just heard reports that Prince has died aged 57at his home studio. He was apparently ill earlier in the week. RIP sweet Prince.
  2. bok_party

    Occupational Health and Safety Masters

    Anyone involved in OHS or done their Masters for it? Looking at doing a Postgrad for it but I have heard that the market for jobs has started to dwindle a bit. Just looking for some help or any tips.
  3. bok_party


    Has anyone ever purchased tickets for any kind of event through this website and can vouch that it's safe?
  4. bok_party

    Shearer celebration.

    Having an argument with some friends about what Alan Shearer's signature celebration was when he scored. They say: I say: He definitely does both but which was his more notable. NUFC Tiger
  5. bok_party

    Computers & Internet Laptop Batteries

    Was wondering if anyone knows any reliable places to purchase a new Laptop battery for my Dell Inspiron? It's finally conked it so I can't use it without plugging it into the powerpoint.
  6. bok_party

    Cars & Transportation Car Trade In

    I had someone smash into my car in a parking lot so it's drive-able but it isn't easy on the eyes at the moment. People have told me about trading the car in for like a max of 3 grand or so. My car was only about $1500 worth anyway so I figured it makes more sense to trade it in and put it...
  7. bok_party

    PS4 FIFA 15 League/Tournament

    Alright lads please post whether you are interested and I'll add your names to this post as I read each name. Please include your PSN username too. We will sort out rules once we get enough players. 1. Bok_Party - bok_party - SOUTHAMPTON 2. thetradesman - trismegistos4 - TOTTENHAM 3. Romm -...
  8. bok_party

    PS4 NBA 2K15 - Online League

    Hey guys, for those of you from the NBa 2k15 thread, this is just to register your username and interest for an online league. Can fit up to a maximum of 30 teams. We can talk about season settings too and rules here too. 1.bok_party 2.daniel1812.14 - Phoenix 3. Chops18 4. SnakeMan86- Atlanta...
  9. bok_party

    Window Regulator

    So the window regulator in my car has gone. My question is due you need a specific regulator for a specific model? The guy seems to think it will be $700 to replace and there's no way I'm paying that much for that. Anyone able to help?
  10. bok_party

    Bike purchase

    Hey guys, was just looking for some thoughts on whether this bike is good for a casual rider? I'd try and ride it as much as possible and it seems to have good reviews but thought some experts may have a different opinion...
  11. bok_party

    EPL Season Pass or something similar

    Hey lads, Was just wondering if anyone knows of any kind of EPL pass you could buy that is similar to NBA or NHL and you can watch any game you want at any time and live?
  12. bok_party

    Business & Finance Black Friday Deals

    Couldn't find a thread so thought I'd create one so we could all share any great deals that are available.
  13. bok_party

    Skim milk powder

    Can anyone help enlighten me on this? A friend of mine said he heard that skin milk powder has the same effect as whey protein powder etc. and you can get it for far cheaper and use it to help with your exercise. Any truth to this?
  14. bok_party

    Food, Drink & Dining Out Burger joints

    My friends and I like to try out new burger joints and find the best tasting burgers around. We will be in Melbourne next week and was curious what are some of the best there? Feel free to post about the best burger joints around the country. I really enjoy Grill'd burgers moreso than Jus Burgers.
  15. bok_party

    Local Leagues

    Does anyone here on these boards play locally for any of the State leagues or Amatuers? Tell us how your club is doing, strengths/weaknesses, Your position etc, anything you want.
  16. bok_party

    Carlos Puyol Retires

    Former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol has retired from the game and will take up a new role at Camp Nou next season, the Catalan club announced on Friday. Puyol played 593 official first-team games for Barca between 1998 and this year, but had already announced his decision to leave the club...
  17. bok_party

    Corinne Diacre - Clement Foot's new Female coach

    Not sure if anyone has heard of this but it's pretty impressive. Helena Margarida dos Santos e Costa (born 15 April 1978) is a Portuguese football manager who is the manager of FrenchLigue 2 club Clermont Foot from the end of the 2013–14 season, making history as the first female to be...
  18. bok_party

    Nathan For You

    Has anyone seen this? It is absolutely hilarious. Nathan Fielder tries to help out small businesses with ridiculous ideas. Sometimes they work, sometimes they fail miserably. Only one season at the moment but worth it!
  19. bok_party

    Education & Reference Graphic Novels

    I couldn't find a thread so apologies if there is one, but does anyone recommend any really good graphic novels? No superhero ones just good stories that are worth it. I've read Y: The Last Man and that was absolutely awesome.