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  1. Marklar_33

    Business & Finance Chrisco Fan Club

    El Dubya soft, brown meat hey?
  2. Marklar_33

    Media Old, Inactive Flog seeks Club, Attention

    Hi, I don't create threads. I don't post in match, or team threads. I'm a terrible team mate, and I probably already hate everyone at your club. Please PM expressions of interest
  3. Marklar_33

    Australia vs Pakistan- 3rd Test (SCG) 3-7 Jan 2017

    Australian XI David Warner Matt Renshaw Usman Khawaja Steve Smith* Pete Handscomb Hilton Cartwright (debut) Matthew Wade+ Mitchell Starc Steven O'Keefe Josh Hazlewood Nathan Lyon Pakistan XI Azhar Ali Sharjeel Khan (debut) Babar Azam Younus Khan Misbah-ul-Haq* Asad Shafiq Sarfraz Ahmed+...
  4. Marklar_33

    New Zealand summer of cricket

    New Zealand vs Pakistan - 2 Tests 1st Test 17/11-21/11 Hagley Oval, Christchurch New Zealand win by 8 wickets Scorecard 2nd Test 25/11-29/11 Seddon Park, Hamilton New Zealand win by 138 runs Scorecard Australia vs New Zealand - 3 ODIs 1st ODI 4/12/16 Sydney Cricket Ground Australia won by...
  5. Marklar_33

    Scoring 100 in a loss (or draw...)

    Keeping track of this star this year as, maybe, an argument the football is better to watch 6 times it has happened this season in 4 rounds Comparisons sake; 2015 had 8, and 2014 had just 6. Including finals
  6. Marklar_33

    Round 2 Teams

    Round 2 Launceston v Harbour City Hornets Mozzie Bites v Adelaide Lions Port Adelaide v Northern Reds Brisbane Bears v Melbourne Gold Coast Devils v Gippsland Sharks St Kilda Titans v Geelong Wagga Wagga Warthogs v Ballarat Dragons Western Vultures v Dragon Island Southerners Rottnest Razorbacks...
  7. Marklar_33

    Round 17 teams

    Round 17 St Kilda Titans v Geelong Western Vultures v Dragon Island Southerners Gippsland Sharks v Port Adelaide Launceston v Brisbane Bears Gold Coast Devils v Harbour City Hornets Mozzie Bites v Rivergum Redfins Pakenham Packers v Adelaide Lions Melbourne v Wagga Wagga Warthogs Rottnest...
  8. Marklar_33

    Round 10 teams

    Round 10 Melbourne v St Kilda Titans Pakenham Packers v Rottnest Razorbacks Mozzie Bites v Ballarat Dragons Gold Coast Devils v Wagga Wagga Warthogs Launceston v Adelaide Lions Gippsland Sharks v Rivergum Redfins Western Vultures v Harbour City Hornets Geelong v Brisbane Bears Dragon Island...
  9. Marklar_33

    Round 6 Teams

    B: B.Guerra L.McPharlin H.Scotland HB: M.Rosa H.Grundy S.Hurn C: M.Evans J.Corey M.Boyd HF: S.Coniglio T.Goldstein T.Adams F: D.Jackson R.Stanley J.Howe RR: B.Longer G.Ablett JP.Kennedy Sub: C.Smith INT: D.Talia D.Morris J.Green D.Pearce B.Ellis A.Corr
  10. Marklar_33

    The Marklar_33 Medal

    I have decided to get on board, and award a medal of my own from next season onwards. This medal will be a little different. It won't be awarded to the 'best player' per se, nor to an exceptional poster. The player who wins this prestigious award will be the one who displays the most...
  11. Marklar_33

    Is Marklar_33 a douchebag?

    Lately, a few things have come to my attention that Marklar may be a less than reputable character. Now before you all jump up and say 'Marklar? No, he's a top guy!' I'd like you to consider the following 1) Marklar made his debut in 2006, signing up for the Demons of Mount Buller. It is...
  12. Marklar_33

    Marklar's Mum

    All mentions cease from here, you've had your fun :thumbsu: I'm sure the 'powers' will back me when I say penalties may be enforced for any breaches As to why, not up for discussion Cheers Marklar
  13. Marklar_33

    Launceston Plovers - Est. 2012

    Welcome to the Official Thread of the 18th club in the AFLTM, the Launceston Plovers Home Ground: Aurora Stadium, Invermay Rd, Invermay TAS 7248 Capacity: 23,000 2012 Coach: Mark Larson (Sydney Broncos HC 2005-10) Logo and Guernsey in production Team List (as at 24th October 2011)...
  14. Marklar_33

    Workshop AFLTM Team Guernsey's/Logo's

    Hello there fine chaps, I have long admired the amazing work that goes on in this section of the site, and would like to draw on your expertise to design a logo, a guernsey, and whatever the heck else you like for my AFLTM team, the Launceston Plovers. I have no guidelines, so you can have...
  15. Marklar_33

    Kerrby - Why is this guy so overrated?

    Now that Kerrby seems to have popped up again, it got me to thinking...what has he actually ever done. Maybe, once, on the field he played a good game or something, but off the field, he has the posting skills of a leper. Thinking back to when I first became a Gumby superstar, the first time...
  16. Marklar_33

    Concussion Rule

    Saints medicos made a mockery of this tonight, not ruling out Nick Riewoldt at all after collecting Johncock and being clearly 'affected'. You would have to think that, keeping in mind the tightness of the contest, he was definitely concussed and should have been ruled out from the start of the...
  17. Marklar_33

    Ultimate Footy - Live Draft Monday 28th at 7pm

    All welcome to join. Head to head points based league. DreamTeam scoring except marks worth only 2 points. 22 player squads :thumbsu: ID: 276749 no password
  18. Marklar_33

    Launceston Thread 2010-2011

    All I have is draft picks to offer, so I'm willing to trade what I have :thumbsu: 1. Draft Pick 21 - $68,000 (2) 2. Draft Pick 23 - $68,000 (2) 3. Draft Pick 45 - $68,000 (2) 4. Draft Pick 49 - $68,000 (2) •. Draft Pick 51 ($63,000) (2) •. Draft Pick 70 ($63,000) (2) •. Draft Pick 87...
  19. Marklar_33

    Sydney Broncos Off-Season Thread

    Whether I get to caretake this off-season or not, get this thread out there for all to see what the Broncs have to offer and for any potential manager to see what a great list this is! :thumbsu: Sydney Broncos Senior List 1. Jack Anthony - $107,000 (1) 2. David Astbury - $84,000 (1) 3...