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  1. thejester

    Footage of the 1963 Grand Final

    ACMI have digitised a bunch of old movies that includes the following footage of the '63 final. Given the lack of footage in existence it's a pretty good find!
  2. thejester

    Digital membership?

    Does anyone know how you activate this new fangled digital membership?
  3. thejester

    Preview Geelong at the 2014 AFL National Draft, Thursday 27 November

    Where and when: Thursday 27 November, Gold Coast. Picks: 10, 47, 55, 60* AFL: Key Draft Dates | Draft Hub Fairfax prospect profiles*: Tall Defenders | Medium Defenders | Tall Forwards | Medium Midfielders | Medium Forwards | Short People | Ruckmen Phantom Drafts: Cal Twomey’s...
  4. thejester

    Podcast BigFooty Cats Podcast Episode 4: Round 3 - Emergency Broadcast from Jakarta

    Comrades, Owing to enormous technical difficulties SJ and myself were forced to record the Round 3 podcast from Jakarta HQ. As a result and because I'm an technologically illiterate buffoon who changed the inputs SJ was forced to call in via CB radio, resulting in some slightly dodgy audio...
  5. thejester

    Season Launch 2014

    So as some of you would have picked up on I was lucky enough to win the two tickets to the season launch as part of the Varcoe sponsorship. Owing to enormous geographical challenges I was sadly unable to attend so I got my (long time BF lurker) old man and uncle to attend and fly the flag. They...
  6. thejester

    List Mgmt. Geelong at the 2013 AFL National Draft - live Selections Nos. 16, 36, 41

    Where and when: Thursday 21 November, Gold Coast. Picks: 15, 32, 50, 68 (subject to change) AFL: Key draft and FA dates | Draft News Feed | U18s Champs Website | Combine News Feed Combine invite profiles: Small Midfielders/Forwards/Defenders | Medium Defenders | Tall Defenders | Rucks |...
  7. thejester

    Jake Niall's article on illicit drugs

    'The end of an error': worth a read: Niall's argument - that illicit or recreational drugs are basically none of our business - seems to line up with the majority opinion on bigfooty, and the fact (IIRC) a large percentage of Australians will at some point use them. So why is it that anyone...
  8. thejester

    News Geelong Football Club submission on AFL equalisation policy

    The club has taken the 'unprecedented' step of making public its submission to the AFL on equalisation, not because it contains any sort of bombshell but because the club is committed to transparency. It's laudable, particularly because the document itself is a pretty good read that has a lot of...
  9. thejester

    2012 Spengler Cup

    It's on Eurosport if anyone's interested. Pretty good quality - HC Davos playing Mannheim at the moment with Thornton, Kane and Eriksson playing for Davos and Nash out injured. 2-2 halfway through the 2nd.
  10. thejester

    List Mgmt. Geelong at the 2012 AFL National Draft (selections Nos. 16, 77 and 92)

    2012 National Draft

Geelong BF Preview Thread The Details: Thursday 22d November on the Gold Coast. Geelong's Picks: 15, 36, 55 [subject to change] Links: - AFL Combine Home: includes previews of all combine invites and list of those invited to state screenings. - AFL Draft Order...
  11. thejester

    Hamish Hartlett

    Was outstanding today. Already knew he was a classy user of the ball but what really impressed me was his defensive work - took some great marks as the loose man. 26 touches, 1.1, 5 marks and 5 inside fifties. Just looked a cut above his teammates (and most of his opponents) with how calm he was...
  12. thejester

    List Mgmt. 2011 National Draft

    2011 National Draft Geelong BF Preview Thread When: November 24, 2011 Where: A wretched hive of scum and villainy (Western Sydney) Geelong's Picks: 26, 48, 66, 84 Links - AFL Draft Combine Player Previews: - Medium Forwards - Rucks - Medium Defenders -...
  13. thejester

    News Bundy, sub machine. Interesting article. Loved this bit:
  14. thejester

    Geelong swamps Magpies in 14 Minute Tornado To Take Flag

    ;) The National Library of Australia in conjunction with various state libraries has begun a project to digitise Australian newspapers. Doesn't look like News has signed up, which means the Addy is unavailable; The Age hasn't arrived either although the SMH has, which suggests some Fairfax...
  15. thejester

    Flanagan and Harms

    Seeing as people enjoyed the Whately article so much I thought I'd bring two others to everyone's attention: Flanagan: On the Button with Tommy I generally enjoy Flanagan's work, though sometimes it can be a bit exuberant. It's interesting to see Wills put alongside Ned Kelly and Burke and...
  16. thejester

    Geelong Prospect Watch - Autumn 2011

    So this is pretty much a direct rip of the concept behind Hockey's Future. Although I haven't gone to the same lengths as the HF reviewers do - no numerical gradings etc - the same basic concept applies. I've attempted to rank our prospects on the basis of their talent, future ceiling, position...
  17. thejester

    All aboard the Duncan bandwagon!

    Just listening to David Parkin trying to contain his enormous man love for the bloke - trying, and failing. 17 touches, 2.2 in his second game and not afraid to stand up at the decisive moments. The question we all asked on draft day - how did he fall to #28? - is now being asked by the rest of...
  18. thejester

    2010 Potential Draftee and Trade Watch

    So it's that time of the year, preseason is about to shed the prefix and become the season - not only in the AFL, but in the U/18s as well. TAC Cup practice matches have happened and the first round kicks off Saturday week. The bad news (as we all know) is that this draft is compromised, GC took...
  19. thejester

    2nds New VFL recruits

    Cats strengthen VFL side. Good move by the club, given we were looking at putting both on the rookie list. They'll remain within the system and will be able to demonstrate to the coaches week in, week out what they're capable of; it's extremely unlikely they'd have played seniors anyway, so we...
  20. thejester

    VFL Round 14 - Geelong vs Coburg at Skilled.

    So the VFL are the curtain raisers for the seniors this week. We've strung together three wins in a row, particularly impressive in light of the knock on changes the injury crisis forced. Interesting last week that we also debuted Brad Mangan from the Murray Bushrangers as part of our alliance...