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  1. The Other Dean

    Competitions Correctly pick the Round 1 team - Two Roosistence posters now up for grabs - Competition closes tonight (9/3/21)

    Inspired by Choppy's gesture of generosity in the POTY thread, and with a view to adding some extra spice (and intellectual honesty) to the suggested Round 1 teams that people post, I make the following offer* to my learned BF colleagues...... Anyone correctly nails the 22 players that will...
  2. The Other Dean

    Game Day North v Carlton

    Wow, guys, don't all rush at the Game Day OP job at once. No surprise there. This place has been like Kalaupapa the last few weeks. People falling apart left, right, and centre. M'eh, I'm happy to take one for the team. (No Zondor.) Shinboners never say die, yada yada yada. So on we...
  3. The Other Dean

    Game Day North v South

    ^ That is all. Under Brad this would be a loss. Under Rhyce this will be a win. North by 27. Goals.
  4. The Other Dean

    Game Day North v Geelong (aka The Catpain Kangaroo Cup)

    Gotta love a bit of slap and tickle. No Game Day thread yet? Given our opponent this week, I though Timmy would be all over it. Analysis: The North posters go into this Game Day thread with some patchy form behind them this season. That said, there have been some encouraging signs of late...
  5. The Other Dean

    Game Day North v π's

    No GD thread? I swear, with all the backbiting and machinations behind the starting of these buggers, a 'Game Day Of Thrones' tag would have probably been more appropriate. Aaaaaaaaanyway.... .....massive, MASSIVE game. Must win. Will win. North by four and twenty points.
  6. The Other Dean

    Game Day Rd 5 - NMFC v Hawthorn (aka 'Bill And Jed's Excellent Adventure')

    Well, here's hoping anyway. Btw, why the hell is there no Game Day thread? It's 4am. Sincerely hoping someone is going to lose their job over this. (And what's up these days with Gaso doing the Game Day threads? Actually forget I asked that, I don't want to know.) So anyway, here's your Game...
  7. The Other Dean

    Roosistence Roominisces

    First off, sorry it has taken me so f'ing long to write this. I have no excuse. I am a lazy person. If it's any consolation (and when you consider my posting, it should be), I put a self-imposed New Years ban on myself from posting on Bigfooty until I finished it. Secondly, before I launch...
  8. The Other Dean

    Mod. Notice Hanging up the jackboots

    That's right, I'm (semi-)done. Has been in the offing for a few months, but will (finally, definitely) be stepping down as Mod in the next few days. News that will no doubt bring a smile to some folks' faces. :thumbsu: Announcements re my replacement(s) to follow. For those of...
  9. The Other Dean

    Reliable Congratulations

    A little bird tells me that one of our very own posters of the female persuasion has just added another North member to our tally. Huge congrats to Ms Reliable (and hubby) on the birth (today) of her son, Riley Reliable !! Congrats also to her dad who, if memory serves, posts on this...
  10. The Other Dean

    Votes v CatDogs

    3. Richardson 2. Tarrant 1. Wells
  11. The Other Dean

    Massive congrats to TT !!

    Letting y'all know that everyone's favourite BigFooty Moderator, Twinkletoes (aka Twinky T aka Tinkletoes), just became a father for the first time. The lovely Mrs TT gave birth to future North Melbourne Life Member, Zoe Rose, around 48 hours ago. Tired parents and baby are all doing well...
  12. The Other Dean

    Thomas inspires North over Blues

    Figure most people would have read this article after BigFooty's battle with gremlins last night. (On that note, lol at The Gasometer Wing. Cracking forum that. Fixed my insomnia right up.) Apologies if the article has already been posted. If so, please delete the thread, me...
  13. The Other Dean

    Players must step up quickly, says Scott By Chris Pike 9:03 PM Sun 30 May, 2010 NORTH Melbourne coach Brad Scott has challenged every Kangaroos player to stand up after the side's disappointing 61-point loss to Fremantle on Sunday...
  14. The Other Dean


    For a young bloke probably thrown in a lttle above his head, I'm impressed so far. Works hard, presents well, and is showing signs/chiming in with some worthwhile contributions. Keep up the good work, Hendo. I rated O'Keefe, but I reckon you might just shade him.
  15. The Other Dean

    This didn't go too well last time... people seemed more inclined to talk about Azza in general terms, whereas I just wanted to give the bloke a shout-out for a top game. Well, I'll try again. He was very good last night. Had his marking boots(?)on and worked tirelessly. Another game where his defensive pressure was...
  16. The Other Dean

    I know it's a Forward's job to kick goals....

    ....but for a scoreless game, I thought there was a lot to like about Azza's performance today. Worked his ass off, got 19 possessions (including 7 I50's), took a few grabs, and his excellent workrate and defensive pressure (IMO, the standout part of his game today), was a big part of why...
  17. The Other Dean

    Arch to multi-task in 2010

    Not sure if this has been reported on the board (if so, Mods please delete...oh, wait), but I got a PM from a (hipster dufus) fellow poster pointing out that, in addition to taking up a specialist coaching role at North, Arch will also be pulling on the boots again in 2010. He'll be playing...
  18. The Other Dean

    Chelsea Handler - Worth a look ??

    Huge fan of the woman. Funny as hell, sexy as hell. And set to grace the pages of December Playboy. The leaked photos bode very, very well. Giddy up.
  19. The Other Dean

    To those with Foxtel.....

    Chuck it on E! channel. Boris is coming up on The Soup.
  20. The Other Dean

    Lidge's Official Bring Back Basia Bonkowski Action Faction Thread (II)

    A fresh thread in due honour of the great man who created the first "King Of All Threads", Basia (I). (Now hermetically sealed for future generations to enjoy.) In the beginning..... Harsh on JT. (I'm sure Filth will agree with me there.) So once again, in the words of The...