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  1. willoblue

    Opinion Has the world ended

    thank you Freo 84 it means a lot to feel appreciated at such a low time. I do appreciate the we all are hurting. i'll keep hanging around, but I'm trying to not "lose my sheise" over Freo
  2. willoblue

    Opinion Has the world ended

    thanx Freo88, I needed that, not a b*tch of a moderator having a go. I Hope I can get over it, but at this stage, I'm done, & this was the first time ever I probably can't help loving Freo, but at this stage, I'll try
  3. willoblue

    Game Day 1st Semi-Final - Fremantle Dockers vs Port Adelaide Power

    final gift is a copy of my Doig for the H&A each player received a score out of 10 for each game played. didn't do the shitney final, not the port powder puff debacle Sandilands 9 141 Mundy 7 141 Ballantyne 9 138 Fyfe 9 136 Crowley 6 135 Duffield 6 131 Mzungu 8 130 D Pearce 8 129 Neale 5 128...
  4. willoblue

    Opinion Semi Final Changes vs. Port Adelaide

    like it. another option is for Hill to play forward at times. He is a good mark & dangerous around goals.
  5. willoblue

    Vickery, McKernan?

    how would they "murder him"? with constant whingeing? hitting him with handbags? sharing their illegal substances with him? drowning him in chardonnay? getting him to hang our with masto & shazza?
  6. willoblue

    *Insert Good Footballers Name* never seems destroy us

    usually whoever Crowley targets, but I do want to emphasise the Usually Deledio is a champ for example, but usually struggles against "Crowls"
  7. willoblue

    Vickery, McKernan?

    I want Carlisle for Freo as much as any other player, but how about our first pick for Jaeger?
  8. willoblue

    Vickery, McKernan?

    of course they would. they'd want a top 10 pick for Jake King, but they wouldn't get it They'd love a top 10 pick for Vickery, but with the improvement in Griffiths (I liked him last year), they could entertain swapping him for a pick quite a bit after top 10. With an ageing Maric, could they...
  9. willoblue

    Toast Morabito tracking thread

    terrible news, but whatever the medical prognosis, Mora CAN make it back. go you good thing. The Freo supporters love you The AFL public respect you...
  10. willoblue

    Toast Morabito tracking thread

    I'm ready to cry & I haven't done that for a looooooong time :(
  11. willoblue

    AFL MVP 2014

    is that a cola tank? :p
  12. willoblue

    We got tickets !!!!

    close to post of the year almost like Gabriel Garcia Marquez ( sorry if spelt wrong)
  13. willoblue

    Rumour The mad redhead not wanted...

    had to look that up, but expect that you are suggesting that I'll be attacked. no probs :) just an opinion from a nobody, but thanx 4 the warning :thumbsu:
  14. willoblue

    Rumour The Trade Rumour File

    rather than getting Howlett for Crozier, I'd prefer Myers. I reckon he is going to be very good.
  15. willoblue

    Rumour The mad redhead not wanted...

    very different player IMO I know I'll get lambasted for this but I see him as a pauper's version of Luke Hodge. Hard at it, head over the ball, prone to blaze away when under pressure, but also capable of very good things & more than good overhead. Much, much below Hodge's standard, but I see...
  16. willoblue

    We got tickets !!!!

    So between the team against us & port power?
  17. willoblue

    Who would you like to win the flag if we don't ?

    South Freo colts
  18. willoblue

    Not-a-cluey Mitch Clark to Hawthorn

    so why does he need to leave Melbourne Footy Club? if he wants to be home, it's Freo or wc, but if he wants to play in Vic, just stay a Demon. I don't understand the want to leave a club he owes.
  19. willoblue

    Autopsy Post-Match Fremantle Vs Sydney Discussion

    20 to 12, with some square ups in the last when the game was over. the bad decisions were against us much more than against you
  20. willoblue

    Roast Umpires

    20 frees to 12 is lopsided by any measure. with free kicks, most of the ones they receive could well be legitimately paid, but the issue is that most of the opposition potential free kicks are paid, yet a far smaller proportion of our potential frees are paid. and any 50/50 decisions tend to go...