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    Richo cartoon

    That's awesome chopper. :thumbsu:
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    NAB Cup Round 1 Vs. Hawthorn Sat Feb 13 7.30 1HD/10

    Who's the guy with the light coloured dreads? I only watched a bit of the game, but didn't mind what I saw of him.
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    Cousins for Brownlow next year?

    Unless Richmond win more games, I don't think he'll get a look in. If Ben stays injury free, he's definitely still capable of having a Brownlow-esque year.
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    Trade Nahas To Eagles

    I'd love Nahas in our team, but we all know it won't happen. Especially not for our first pick. Rather pointless thread imo.
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    Ben Cousins' 250th game

    Benny you ****ing legend. Congrats to the champ, and good luck this w/end Richmond. :thumbsu:
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    Votes Vs West Coast Eagles

    Well played tonight lads. Kicking for goal was a bit off at times, but hey, still got the win. Tambling & Morton we're excellent :thumbsu:
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    Deledio's burners

    Holy shi*. Haha, I knew he was quick, but I didn't realise he was that fast. With the ball in hand, and losing Judd is quite a feat. And that burst through the center is awesome.. Great player :thumbsu:
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    Richo's Last Year?

    I love richo. Surely this isn't his last year. He's way too fit. You'd have to taser him, wrap him in a straight jacket then unleash savage dogs onto him just to get him off the ground.. But Richo being Richo, he'd fight off those dogs, undo the jacket, be immune to the electricty and take 15...
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    The Annual Pick Your Side Thread

    i must say RT, that is a sweet avatar you have:thumbsu: richmonds got a great side for this year (& the future) good luck