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    Past Chris Yarran

    Re: Chris Yarran Haha, you're pathetic mate. If Yarran plays to his potential, he will be a dead set gun and EASILY one of the best from the draft. Obviously you hadn't seen him play before this year.. Do you expect people to just come straight out of the draft and gun it? He was...
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    Past Chris Yarran

    Re: Chris Yarran Give him time. I still think he'll be a star. But by then he'll be an Eagle.
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    Past Aaron Joseph

    Re: Aaron Joseph (rookie) This kid is going to be a bloody good tagger. The Blues have scored well in picking up AJ. :thumbsu:
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    Past Chris Judd

    Re: #5. Chris Judd You know.. If.. Uhh, you guys ever wanna send him back, we probably wouldn't say no. We could give you.. ummm.. You guys want Hansen? Yeah.. Have Hansen.. Fair trade I reckon :) He's not a spud at all...