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  1. moomba

    on this day.........

    5 years tomorrow. Can't imagine sport will ever give me a moment that will come close to topping this. Bit of NSFW language in the vid.
  2. moomba

    England going forward

    Was going to put this in another thread but figure there's probably enough interest around to make one of it's own. Was thinking about where England go from here, figure it's probably only a couple of months before the world cup qualifiers start. New manager, but what of the squad. For me...
  3. moomba

    Injury management

    I'm not sure if the stats will back this up but I'm noticing more and more injuries, recurring injuries and injury crisis' in football at the moment. Anyway, I complain about it every few weeks so why not a thread? So, read this today, pretty interesting given Liverpools recent troubles. And...
  4. moomba

    Dedryck Boyata

    Likely to make his last appearance (in the stands) at a premier league game this week before a move up north. In a highly decorated career he has won: Man City Young Player of the Year 2009/10 FA Cup 2010/11 It will be a sad day for the premier league when he exits stage right, and I'm sure...
  5. moomba

    Future direction of the board

    We've had one of these before, just somewhere to discuss how we see the board and how we would like it to. Anyway, this is what I'd like to see happen to the board. The Terrace - Scrap it. No-one goes on there, and it just gives people excuses to censor anything remotely humourous on the main...
  6. moomba

    Your least favourite goal

    Opposite of the other thread, this is the one that made you feel sick. For me, Dean Ashton for West Ham against us in the FA Cup quarters, must have been around 2005. At the time I thought it was best chance we were ever going to get of making it to a cup final. Middlesbrough beat us 0-1...
  7. moomba

    World class players

    On the TV last night Neville and Carragher said that Aguero is the only world class player in the premier league. Different people have different definitions of world class, some say it's a player that would make a world XI. I reckon its someone that wouldnt look out of place playing in any...
  8. moomba

    A wonderful opportunity

    Please be advised that GB Industries will shortly be taking new business bookings for the 2014/15 premier league season. With an unparalleled record of success in the football industry, the past season has seen the business go from strength to strength. In today's football world, clubs and...
  9. moomba

    World Cup Not going

    Wondering if we could come up with a couple of XI's, first of a team of players not selected for the world cup squads. Second a team of players whose countries didn't qualify.
  10. moomba

    2014/15 season

    Been touched on a bit in other threads. Thought it would be worth getting a bit of discussion going on what teams will be doing/need to do next season. What their expectations will be and what movements are going to happen. For City, I think we need to win the league. Especially if we don't win...
  11. moomba

    Scudamore Staggering comments from him. "Generally" in the business of putting on a competition where people can compete. And I can't see any...
  12. moomba


    What stats would you look for in a player if you were recruiting by stats alone? Would it be a good way of recruiting? Does work in other sports. For example the stats most used for keepers is save percentage and clean sheets. Personally I think control of your area is much more important so I...
  13. moomba


    Manages his 1000th Arsenal game on the weekend against Chelsea. I may not agree with some of the things he says and with his vision for club and the game but the bloke deserves a lot of credit. Doubt 1000 will happen again after this. But quite an achievement.
  14. moomba

    One season one manager

    Been raised by Carragher that clubs need to stick with the manager for the whole season. I generally think that clubs should be able to do what they like but the idea has some merit. Few benefits that I can see: - Gives the managers the full season to live or die on their results of the...
  15. moomba

    League Cup final

    I know it's not for everyone but I reckon the league Cup is great. And the final should be a fantastic occasion. Logic says City should win, but logic had City winning the FA Cup as the last leg of a multi last year as well. And its not as if Sunderland havent caused us all sorts of problems...
  16. moomba


    Theres now quite a few games that will have to be played late in the season, could be interesting especially in the context of title, top 4 and relegation races. Anyway, postponed games so far are: Man United v Man City (league cup final) - 25 March Sunderland v West Brom (league cup final) -...
  17. moomba

    Disciplinary process

    Wasn't aware that changes had been made. But for someone to be charged: 1. The ref has to confirm he did not have a full view of the incident. If he can't do that no charges will be laid. 2. The matter then gets referred to a panel of 3 former refs, if they unanimously agree it was a red card...
  18. moomba


    Thought it was worth its own thread, as it looks as if he will be contesting the charges. This is translated from his facebook page. The dumpling I believe is the english translation for the Quenelle.
  19. moomba

    Aston Red Bulls

    Takeover of Villa was mooted a few months ago, apparently still a possibility. A club going nowhere at the moment and it must be depressing being a Villa fan right now. Can't do much with spending with the FFP rules but they could get a manager with ambition and start to move forward again...
  20. moomba

    Premier league penalties

    Saw some stats today, anyone want to hazard a guess at the top 10 in order for penalties awarded in the premier league era.