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  1. NotAMagpieBogan

    Triple J Hottest 100 - 2020

    Sort of feels a bit early in the year but the markets are starting to appear and articles are starting to be posted. Sportsbet just have the single market at the moment, for the winning artist, with Glass Animals the favourite at $6.50. The Weeknd is sitting second, but I’m assuming that SB...
  2. NotAMagpieBogan

    NXT Takeover Portland

    So uhh, a thread for Takeover? Been great so far, wasn’t keen on the end of Nox and Kai though. Balor and Gargano was an absolute banger, best Balor match I’ve seen personally.
  3. NotAMagpieBogan

    2019 Italian GP

    I’m crap at making these sort of threads but here we go. Australian Alex Peroni walked away from a monumental accident in F3. Launched off a sausage kerb about 3 or 4 metres into the air before landing upside down on top of the tyre barrier.
  4. NotAMagpieBogan

    2018 Hottest 100

    I noticed that there isn’t a thread yet, so here we go. It’s not looking like like it’ll be a flash one this year, with some of the contenders being the epitome of bland (Dean Lewis and Amy Shark) and the epitome of a dickhead (Fisher). There’s also the Gambino meme, and Drake and Post Malone...
  5. NotAMagpieBogan

    The Festival Thread

    Every now and then a festival gets its own thread, but with all the summer festivals coming up, I thought I’d make a discussion thread to round them all up. So those lineups are a bit sh*t hey. Beyond The Valley is an absolute cesspool so I wasn’t even excited for that lineup, but I was hoping...
  6. NotAMagpieBogan

    Scam Pop Ups

    Just earlier I had an ad takeover the page talking about a chance to win an iPhone or Samsung or whatever. I couldn’t click off the ad without clicking on OK which takes you further into the scam. I had to shutdown the page. Latest advice 6/3/19: There is lots of discussion about this issue...
  7. NotAMagpieBogan

    Yer Boy Sees The Light (Big Ass Split)

    So before work I noticed that my pants had a very tiny split in the seaming, i thought 'eh it'll be alright'. At work about 5 minutes in, I bend over to pick something up and I hear this big ass split. The only thought going through my head was 'oh, fu**'. I look down at a 15cm split from my...
  8. NotAMagpieBogan

    Deaths at Dreamworld

    1 to possibly 4 people have died in accident on a ride at Dreamworld. The ride hasn't been confirmed yet but is either the Thunder River Rapids or the Buzzsaw, as emergency services were seen in that area. Some news services saying that it was the Buzzsaw and that a carriage some how flipped and...
  9. NotAMagpieBogan

    Muck Up Day Ideas

    So my end of year 12 Muck Up Day is coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm sh*t out of ideas. One person said something about Pokemon which is lame and out of date, and one person said about dressing up as Harambe and another being a shooter, which is also out of date will probably be overdone...
  10. NotAMagpieBogan

    XBX1 Forza Horizon 3 - Open World Racing in Australia

    E3 saw the reveal of Forza Horizon 3 set in Australia featuring Surfers Paradise, The Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, Yarra Valley and more. Correct me of I'm wrong, but is this the first open world game set in Australia? I'll update the OP with more info later tonight and as it comes.
  11. NotAMagpieBogan

    Oh no not again... What colour is this jacket?

    I see it as black and brown but others see blue and white, what do you see?
  12. NotAMagpieBogan

    Random things that make you feel nostalgia (And other mindfuzz)

    Nostalgia is a pretty odd feeling. It makes you happy in a way, but sort of sad in way. One really random thing that is nostalgic for me personally is this M&Ms vending machine. There is one memory that this thing brings me back too. In 2009, my family and I went on a holiday to Queensland...
  13. NotAMagpieBogan

    Poll What graphic design programs do you use?

    For Christmas I got a new Laptop and have been wanting to try my hand at graphic design for quite a while now. What programs do you use? Photoshop? What ones are good for beginners?
  14. NotAMagpieBogan

    Any way to post photos from iPad gallery?

    Is there anyway to post pictures that are in my gallery on to BF? They don't have a URL and ani can't just copy and paste, is there a special to do it or can you not at all?
  15. NotAMagpieBogan

    Laneway 2016 Laneway 2016 Line-up: Ali Barter* Banoffee Battles Beach House Big Scary Blank Realm** Chvrhces DIIV DMA's East India Youth FIDLAR Flume GoldLink Grimes Health Hermitude High Tension Hudson Mohawke Japanese Wallpaper Majical Cloudz Methyl...
  16. NotAMagpieBogan

    Good cheap gaming TV?

    I currently have 6 year old LG 44 inch TV, it's HD but the picture quality is pretty terrible for games (super pixelated, especially writing). I'm looking at fairly cheap (preferably under $500, would go to $600 if need be), good for gaming TV, does anyone have ideas? What do you use?
  17. NotAMagpieBogan

    XBX1 Forza Motorsport 6

    Latest version of Xbox's biggest racing title was announced in early January. More news leaked earlier today. -Above 450 total cars -26 Locations including Daytona, Rio and more -Night Time -Weather and 3D puddles -1080p and 60 fps -2 player split screen plus 24 Player online...
  18. NotAMagpieBogan

    New Ads on iPad Version - Nat good

    These new ads at the bottom of the screen and ones that take up the hole pages are really bugging up the website. The site is much slower and sometimes freezing when the full screen ads come up. I understand what they are obviously for but hopefully we could get some adjustments to make the site...
  19. NotAMagpieBogan

    Strange Coincidences that have happened to you

    Here I am just sitting and relaxing, I had this song stuck in my head for a while, Gorillaz - Rock The House was the song. I decide to put the radio just for some background music and guess what song was playing... Gorillaz - Rock The House. I was so freaked out! Am I a psychic? It was crazy...
  20. NotAMagpieBogan

    Hostage Situation - Martin Place, Sydney

    Watching live TV right now, hostages with hands held up against the windows. Chilling and scary images Flag held up against window, from memory, it looked to be the Black ISIS flag. Last camera angle showed the people walking in the background of the building with black bandanas