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  1. Santana

    The Hundred

    Surprised there isn't already a thread on this. It's generating a lot of debate within Cricket circles. Teams: Birmingham Phoenix London Spirit Manchester Originals Northern Superchargers Oval Invincibles Southern Brave Trent Rockets Welsh Fire Men's Fixtures Women's Fixtures What are...
  2. Santana

    The Gabba to be Rebuilt

    With Brisbane winning the 2032 Olympic hosting rights it looks like the Gabba is going to be essentially demolished and rebuilt. If it's rebuilt all at once then I wonder how it will affect Cricket. Hobart & Canberra will definitely be seeing more limited-over matches but I wonder if they will...
  3. Santana

    2021 India Tour of Sri Lanka (3 T20's and 3 ODI's)

    1st ODI, Colombo, 18/7 2nd ODI, Colombo, 20/7 3rd ODI, Colombo, 23/7 1st T20, Colombo, 26/7 2nd T20, Colombo, 28/7 3rd T20, Colombo, 30/7 Squads Lots of fresh faces in the Indian squads. The tour is starting tonight, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in Australia to watch it legally.
  4. Santana

    2021 Pakistan Tour of England (3 T20's and 3 ODI's)

    1st ODI, England v Pakistan 2021, Cardiff, 8/7 2nd ODI, England v Pakistan 2021, Lord's, 10/7 3rd ODI, England v Pakistan 2021, Edgbaston, 13/7 1st T20I, England v Pakistan 2021, Trent Bridge, 17/7 2nd T20I, England v Pakistan 2021, Headingley, 18/7 3rd T20I, England v Pakistan 2021, Old...
  5. Santana

    2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup - In UAE/Oman - 17 Oct to 14 Nov

    Looks like it will start on the 17th of October, 2 days after the IPL final. Talk about a squeeze. Possible Schedule...
  6. Santana

    Biggest Drug Lord in the world escapes from prison... again You couldn't make this stuff up. This is at least the second time he has done this, maybe even the 3rd. What an embarrassment for the Mexico government.
  7. Santana

    The Family Court Murders

    Who else watched Sunday Night last night? I can't remember hearing of this case before, it's pretty unreal. You can watch it here:
  8. Santana

    Richard Ramirez - Night Stalker

    I was going through MyDeathSpace last night and was shocked when Richard Ramirez name came up. I had no idea that he had died 3 weeks ago. How terrorizing would it have been to live in the LA area during his spree? Just the rate he broke into homes and just how violent his crimes were.
  9. Santana

    MLB 13: The Show

    Coming out on the 5th of March. Andrew McCutchen won the cover vote. Just a heads up, have this game for $56.97 with free shipping! Great deal.
  10. Santana

    London 2012 - Field Hockey

    Is starting tonight. The Australian women's team are about to play their first game against the Kiwis in a few minutes.
  11. Santana

    MLB 12: The Show

    Being released tomorrow. Preordered my copy today. Who else is getting it?
  12. Santana

    2015 World Cup logo unveiled

    Very good effort IMO.
  13. Santana

    Australia vs Ireland

    ODI on right now in Dublin. Australia batting first and are 34 for 1 after 7 overs. Watson out for 13.
  14. Santana

    Australia versus Poms

    Wow, I actually feel a bit sorry for England here. 22-0
  15. Santana

    Rugby League International Head to Head Stats

    Does anyone know where I can find every countries record against each other?
  16. Santana

    2011 Cricket World Cup Groups Announced!

    Group A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya Group B: India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands
  17. Santana

    Australia Under-19s vs Sri Lanka Under-19s

    Start a 5 game one day series tomorrow against each other in Darwin. Good luck boys. :thumbsu:
  18. Santana

    Cricket Australia looks to breed new spinners

    "With Shane Warne retired, Nathan Hauritz on the fringe and Jason Krezja in the wilderness - both literally and in a cricketing sense - Australian cricket authorities will cultivate Australia's slow bowling stocks with an elite Under 23 competition that compels the states to select and bowl...
  19. Santana

    Bob Woolmer's Art and Science of Cricket

    Does anyone have this book? What are your thoughts on it?
  20. Santana

    Rescued koala Sam dies in surgery Rip Sam :(