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  1. mitchwea222

    Rumour Adam Saad injured after doing wheelies down Sydney Road

    no I'm being serious
  2. mitchwea222

    Thoughts on hotel quarantine coming back. Can we trust it?

    I agree as long as its strictly managed we should be better off. And less cases out in the wild
  3. mitchwea222

    Gender reveal parties can suck my baws.

    g No one else would do something like this
  4. mitchwea222

    Gender reveal parties can suck my baws.

    yes I agree completely have they ever thought that no one gives a sh*t?
  5. mitchwea222


    Thankyou someone standing up against them
  6. mitchwea222

    Rumour Pies want Petracca

    I meant as in why would any one want to go to pies with the way they are with players at the moment
  7. mitchwea222

    Rumour Pies want Petracca

    wouldn't want to go to pies anyway
  8. mitchwea222

    Geelongs 150 million government investment - Is this fair on the rest?

    how about simple terms
  9. mitchwea222

    Nostradamus Lives Finals Club in turmoil: Player affair with female staff

    yeah for sure it sounds too airy
  10. mitchwea222

    Rumour Brownlow blunder

    get around it
  11. mitchwea222

    Rumour Tigers Premiership Player - Sly bag exchange after game

    that's meth if Ive ever scene it
  12. mitchwea222

    Are you less excited about this year's GF?

    of course not with the cats in
  13. mitchwea222

    Random Random Gaz snr question