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  1. jerry springer

    PS4 Best Co-Op Games

    After ideas for best on line co-op games, had a mate in lock down in Vic and we have been plowing through some games of a afternoon over the past few months and we want to keep this going as its been good for his and mine mental health So far we have completed Farcry 4, farcry New dawn and have...
  2. jerry springer

    Best Android "Mini tablet" ?

    Need to buy the wife a new tablet. I have managed to ween her off her Iphone with a Oppo and she is happy to now convert across to a android tablet What would be the best " mini" android tablet out there from 2018-19? screen size no bigger than 9 inch max? Any advice/help is appreciated
  3. jerry springer

    Travel Travel ideas please

    situation - i have 14 days off around next April, 2/3rds during an overseas middle east deployment. will get dropped off in Bahrain then would probably fly to Dubai,from there I'm open up to ideas would love some educated ideas where to go, have never been Europe before, A few things as a...
  4. jerry springer

    Tickets to GWS

    Apologies for the intrusion I have a very good mate coming to Perth for the first time this week, he has met a Rocko Girl (dont judge me)and is going to met her family and ask her Dad permission for her hand in marriage as they both live east at the moment. Long story short, she really wants...
  5. jerry springer

    The Black dog

    This morning i found out have lost another friend to depression. the second one in 6 months. Not only was he a devoted husband but was the father to 2 beautiful children. He was also a great Collingwood man. we served in the Navy together and I have so many great memories of ANZAC days together...
  6. jerry springer

    News The Father of the Video Game passes away Ralph Baer, the engineer and inventor who was instrumental in the development of the first home video game console, has died at age 92, Gamasutra reports. While...
  7. jerry springer

    Stephen Dank has 11 days to hand over papers about supplement program to former Sharks players

    Front cover of yesterdays telegraph. A interesting turn of events but not unexpected SPORTS...
  8. jerry springer

    Which is the best NBA team to never win a ring?

    Ive been watching the NFL and its superbowl teams series and it also shows a few teams who went very close i.e Buffalo who lost 4 superbowls from 1990 to 94 and there is also the case of the pats who went undefeated only to lose the superbowl in 2007. So my question is. Which is the best NBA...
  9. jerry springer

    Scrap Arizona/Utah this off-season

    Put it on the backburner for a year or 2. its run its course Stay home and build our fitness base here in the hot sun and sand dunes. Work on kicking skills and defensive structures on a footy field not a rectangle. Use these awesome training facilities that we keep hearing about. You never...
  10. jerry springer

    Should Derrick Rose be out there playing basketball?

    Deserves its own discussion. I have been on the thought train that he deserves the choice of when he can and cant come back.Its his body. However I think its starting to get a bit farcical now. he has been cleared to played by Doctors since February 18th. Make a decision now. Either come back...
  11. jerry springer

    Opinion Reid's ability to get injured in big games

    I was going to start a thread on this last season,and again a couple of weeks ago against North.I don't think Ive ever seen anything like it. Not a knock on the guy but Ive never seen a guy go down so much.From the 2010 GF to today.he must be close to the most subbed off player in the AFL. It...
  12. jerry springer

    Can The Miami Heat break the NBA's consecutive games won record?

    Wed, Mar 13 @ Philadelphia 76ers 7:00 PM Wells Fargo Center Fri, Mar 15 @ Milwaukee Bucks 8:30 PM BMO Harris Bradley Center Sun, Mar 17 @ Toronto Raptors 1:00 PM Air Canada Centre Mon, Mar 18 @ Boston Celtics 8:00 PM TD Garden Wed, Mar 20 @ Cleveland Cavaliers 7:00 PM Quicken Loans Arena Fri...
  13. jerry springer

    Cars & Transportation Personalised Plates moving interstate

    I have a set of personalized rego plates (Collingwood) from WA. Im moving to Victoria in January, From memory Im supposed to change my rego within 3 months. Id rather not but If I have to get Victorian plates ,what will happen to my WA Collingwood plates?
  14. jerry springer

    Toast Josh Fraser

    was wondering what had happened to him,has only played 2 games for the Suns this season and according to this article has played his last game of AFL Is a pity he couldn't get a farewell game. I remember back in 2000? when he kicked 4...
  15. jerry springer

    Ugly crowd scenes at Patersons Stadium

    Not a go at West Coast, the article clearly states both lots of fans were at fault. But there seem to be massive problems the one thing which will be interesting,is if hawks beat west coast on...
  16. jerry springer

    Opinion Our draw/Player management

    When the draw came out last year it looked like and has been commentated on as the hardest on paper, now 6 rounds and at 4-2, a few things are really starting to look full of opportunities. Most people would agree we limped badly into the finals last year whilst geelong was smarter and rested...
  17. jerry springer

    Marty Clarke as a small forward

    I'm surprised that Marty has been pigeon-holed to the half back-line since returning to the club.I guess the club just saw him as a automatic replacement for leon. However with his agility and footskills I would think that he has the tools to be a great crumbing forward and also with his speed...
  18. jerry springer

    McClelland trophy

    Was having a beer with a fellow Pie supporter on NY's night and after lamenting Collingwood's grand final loss my mate assessed it had been a still successful period after overall finishing 2 years on top of the ladder at the end of the H & A season and snagging a flag The talk turned to...
  19. jerry springer

    PS3 Music background ?

    You can download many different themes for the PS3 through different websites So is it possible to change the background(s) when you are playing audio music through your PS3 instead of just seeing the world spinning/wavy background etc?
  20. jerry springer

    Movie The Guard

    couldnt find a thread on this of the funniest and quirkiest movies Ive seen in years.Do yourself a favour and have a look