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  1. Scorpus

    News Trade Table: Jordan Dawson nominates Adelaide

    Not a rumor any more, so here's the thread for it. Dawson has nominated us. Now over to the trade table
  2. Scorpus

    News Berry, Pedlar and Cook sign on + also Newchurch, Borlase and Parnell All three two year extensions, all three signed until end of 2024
  3. Scorpus

    News Jake Kelly departing to Victoria as a free agent
  4. Scorpus

    News Matt Crouch re-signs for 2 years
  5. Scorpus

    News Strachan and Gollant re-sign Two-year extension for Strachan One-year for Gollant
  6. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs North Melbourne - Rd 23

    Geez North are bad aren't they? Not even a comfortable win, a smashing. Nice 5 minutes of celebrations at the end with the final goals for Lynch and Mackay and the first for Gollant
  7. Scorpus

    Preview Changes Rnd 23 vs North Melbourne

    Running on fumes to the finish line. Himmelberg injured, Thilthorpe struggling, about half a dozen guys that shouldn't be on the list next year... Out: Himmelberg (injured), Kelly (delisted), Mackay (delisted), Lynch (delisted) In: Gollant, Worrell, Smith, Sholl
  8. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs Melbourne - Rd 22

    Outside of Bailey Fritsch absolutely annihilating Jake Kelly in the last quarter (in particular), I thought we were quite competitive and played to an okay standard. Now to seal up our draft pick next week
  9. Scorpus

    News Gone: Daniel Talia

    "Adelaide would like to acknowledge the contribution and achievements of key defender Daniel Talia who has been told he will not be offered a new contract."
  10. Scorpus

    Preview R22: Changes v Melbourne

    Surely it's time for Mackay. Surely. We were playing him as a forward for fu**'s sake. Get out
  11. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs Port Adelaide - Rd 21

    Classic match where the senior players cost us the game
  12. Scorpus

    NO TROLLS Taylor Walker racial slur

    Another scandal coming our way! "Former Adelaide captain Taylor Walker is embroiled in a racism scandal, with the AFL investigating an allegation that he made a racial slur...
  13. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R21 vs Port Adelaide

    Injury concerns for Jones and Himmelberg, who comes in? Time for another Thilthorpe run?
  14. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs Western Bulldogs - Rd 20

    Crappy, boring, forgettable, predictable game featuring two teams at different ends of the ladder. Meh
  15. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R20 vs Western Bulldogs

    With Murphy injured, do we bring back Rowe, McAdam or trial Newchurch?
  16. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs Hawthorn - Rd 19

    Stuff the draft, stuff the spoon
  17. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R19 vs The Port Western Hawkdog Power

    Time to drop Himmelberg and Mackay forever
  18. Scorpus

    Review Good/Bad vs West Coast - Rd 18

    A predictable, regulation loss. Not much to say
  19. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R17 vs Essendon

    Out: Frampton
  20. Scorpus

    Preview Changes: R16 vs Brisbane Bullets

    Out: David Mackay