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  1. tesla1962

    Gallery Photography thread - painting pictures with light

    I went back 5 or 6 pages and couldn't find a photography thread so created this thread for all sorts of pics: arty, B&W, landscapes, potraits, holiday snaps, funny pictures etc. Also, if the collective expertise allows it, a place to ask questions about cameras, lenses etc. Mods, if a thread...
  2. tesla1962

    Game Day Essendon vs Richmond, MCG, 29/08/15 @ 7:20PM

    TAB Sportsbet Odds Essendon $7.00 Richmond $1.11 Top 3 Supercoach scores from round 21 Essendon: McKernan (130), Heppell (108), Zaharakis (100) Richmond: Ellis (140), Vickery (138), Martin (126) Weather 12oC, cloudy with a slight chance of showers The weather in early spring on a...
  3. tesla1962

    The Humour Thread

    This is the first thread I have created on BF and it was prompted by a warning from Doss about avoiding the swear filter. It got me thinking about a cracker of a joke and jokes in general. I put the thread in here to stock up on my dwindling jokes and in the hope that the mods will cut me some...