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  1. Papa G

    Travis Boak - Over rated by our supporters?

    I've held onto this for years. I've never actually said it out loud. But I've never really rated Travis Boak that highly. Yeah he's a great guy, yeah he's a good footballer, yeah he's highly professional, he's loyal but he's just not any where close to a super star. He's too fumbly, his...
  2. Papa G

    Beyond the GF – Why the MCG Contract doesn’t pass the Stink Test

    Any sane person understands that having the Grand Final, basically in perpetuity, at your home ground, home city or home state is an advantage to varying degrees. This is beyond doubt. The AFL has gifted the Grand Final to the MCC for a further 32 years, for what amounts to beans. $225 million...
  3. Papa G

    Vale Ric Ocasek

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this. The Cars had some catchy tunes, but far and a way Ric's greatest achievement was marrying Czech supermodel Paulina Porizkova
  4. Papa G

    The State of Our List

    Based on where they have been playing most recently Small to Mid Defenders Hartlett Burton DBJ Bonner Broadbent Garner Mckenzie Fredericks Hewett Mid to Key Defenders Clurey Jonas Howard Westhoff Watts Leinert Grundy Wingman Amon Duursma Motlop Mayes Pudney Ruckman Lycett Ryder Ladhams Hayes...
  5. Papa G

    Apples (The Fruit)

    Now that the last of the Summer Fruit is well past its used by date and the Apple season is in full swing, thought I'd gauge people's preferences on my go to fruit. What is your favourite type of apple? For me, I'm quite impressed with the newer varieties, like Jazz and Modi. Both crisp and a...
  6. Papa G

    Top 5 Worst Club decisions in our AFL Era

    So inspired by the Shaun Burgoyne thread on the main board, it got me thinking, what have been the top 5 worst decisions/biggest mistakes the Port Adelaide Football club has made in the AFL era. These mistakes are not the ones forced on us by the SANFL or indeed AFL, these are the ones that...
  7. Papa G

    Member ownership v Private ownership

    You want private ownership of clubs?
  8. Papa G

    Traded Matthew Lobbe [traded to Carlton]

    A bit of chatter around on the Port forum and elsewhere that with the emergence/realisation that Paddy Ryder is the best ruckman at Port Adelaide, Matthew Lobbe might have become a bit superfluous to our needs. He's on an extended contract at Port, is a VC, had a great 2014 but fell away a fair...
  9. Papa G

    Bands who's biggest/most commercial albums were way shitter than their previous stuff.

    Including bands that were reasonably successful already but their big breakthrough Album that put them either on the world stage or charted very highly, but was no where near their best work and in some cases the beginning of the end. Obvious ones for me are: Metallica Midnight Oil Dire...
  10. Papa G

    Family Resort Holiday. Bali, Fiji or Phuket?

    Looking at doing a family resort holiday. Kids 7 and 5. All up probably spend around $10k so it will be a decent resort. Just want to the resort thing for about a week. Not looking at "travelling" per se, with 2 kids forget that, just somewhere that is fun in the sun. Looking at these 3...
  11. Papa G

    Family Resort Holiday. Bali, Fiji or Phuket

    Looking at doing a family resort holiday. Kids 7 and 5. All up probably spend around $10k so it will be a decent resort. Just want to the resort thing for about a week. Not looking at "travelling" per se, with 2 kids forget that, just somewhere that is fun in the sun. Looking at these 3...
  12. Papa G

    Kochie starts lactation revolution

    I'm surprised the headline in the Tiser didn't scream "President of Cash strapped Power hates Women and Babies"
  13. Papa G

    TV Episodes

    Anyone been watching this? Matt Le Blanc, playing Matt Le Blanc. Sounds worse than it actually is. Ch Nein in its infinite wisdom has crammed 6 Episodes of Episodes over the last couple of weeks. I actually have found it reasonably funny. Surprised no has mentioned it on here yet.
  14. Papa G

    Beer talk

    I reckon West End gets a bad wrap. Would rather drink than much of that low carb sh*te or just about any beer that comes in a clear bottle.
  15. Papa G

    3 Teams you really want to beat

    Outside the obvious (Crows) and the embarrassing (GWS) who are the 3 teams you'd really love to beat this year? Hey I know in our position beggars can't be choosers, but which clubs would you find it more gratifying to beat in 2012? 1. North Melbourne. Their obnoxious 3 supporters telling...
  16. Papa G

    Where would you rather finish?

    The general consensus basically everywhere is that Port are still hopeless, have a crap head coach and coaching staff, have not got enough talent or it's talent is not mature enough yet and are still a couple of years away and we will not improve ladder position next year. Whilst I think...
  17. Papa G

    Food, Drink & Dining Out Coffee w***ers..

    ....seriously, I find them worse than wine w***ers. And a disproportionate amount of them are Victorians, so there is bound to be a disproportionate amount of them on Bigfooty But seriously, yes we understand that Melbourne has the best coffee in the known universe, but please, these...
  18. Papa G

    Led Zeppelin - Best Album?

    Led Zeppelin. Well what can I say? Simply the best band ever. Some, nay many will disagree, but they just don't know. But I'm not here to get into a slinging match about that, just simply here to find out what true lovers of proper rock n roll think. What is their best album? You could...
  19. Papa G

    AFL Internal Club Rankings

    What I think the AFL's internal club rankings are ie their importance to the competition in terms of TV rights, crowds, interest, health of the league, TV rights, Money, TV rights, who is dispensible, growth of the game, TV rights... 1. Collingwood 2. Sydney 3. Essendon 4. West Coast 5...
  20. Papa G

    Primus officially Port coach Well Done Matty.